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Kustom Game Grid

[updated 11th May 2019]

Open for turn up and play now - with scheduled events beginning 2nd week May.

Kustom Game Grid (Kustom GG) is our gaming arena space and is open from 26th April 2019. It's the rear part of the ground floor of our new store and is a space to play games with your friends. Sure, you can play games at home, but there's a more exciting atmosphere in person, so it's a great way to play alongside your buddies, and also a place where we can host events and competitions.

Our 10 PC gaming arena is located at 9 River Street, Ayr, Scotland, KA8 0AX.
Location and Parking Info.

Tournaments and Hosted Events - Coming Soon.

We expect to host a mixture of themed social and tournament nights. These will be announced in due course and shown here and on social media feeds. These will often be based on customer feedback, but certainly popular eSports titles will be picked and we aim to host events based on particular themes. eg a schedule that will have a rotating fighting games night, racing night, retro night etc.

The themed evenings will have a fixed entry price rather than 'per hour'.

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