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Managed Event

Managed events are offered on larger / private bookings (3 hours minimum, 5 players minimum)

By default, you're welcome to use gaming time as you wish and organise games amongst your group by yourself.

If you would like a member of staff to organise your event (either a party or tournament) this is offered for £5 per hour on top of the event time (this cost is per group rather than per player - so 3 hours with 5 people is £15 extra for a managed event).

In terms of parties (either for kids birthday, corporate events, stag / hen nights or just a meetup of friends), we're happy to look at your preferences, and would typically suggest that you pick a couple of games that you wanted to include in the session. Amongst that, we would offer a mixture of good social games, which includes a quick intro / tutorial on each game, help with setting up teams and running game servers.

An example 3 hour event may consist like -

15 Minutes - Quick challenge / warmup game, such as Tricky Truck

45 Minutes - Counterstrike - Mixture of Scenarios

20 Minutes - Golf with Your Friends

(Break for 20 minutes, does not count as gaming time)

20 Minutes - Armagetron

30 Minutes - Garrys Mod Prophunt, Trouble In Terrorist Town

20 Minutes - Hockey?

30 Minutes - Rocket League

This is a serving suggestion but we can incorporate particular games or tournaments as required. Typically for parties, we look to try and balance a few well known games alongside some titles that are perhaps lesser known, but will suit to a wider range of players. Of course, if it's requested to put an amount of time to a particular game that's popular with attendees (say Fortnite or Overwatch for example, or to incorporate a fighting game tournament) we're able to create a schedule to suit.

Info on Private Bookings (copied from the pricing page) 

We have a minimum booking for private use which is currently 5 or more people and for 3 hours or more time.

This is possible on selected weekday evenings and on Sundays - check the calendar for availability and use the GamingGrid contact form to request setting up an event.

Pricing structure is the same as our standard PC time rates shown above, and is based on a self-entertaining basis - that is, your group picks the games to run and organises the activity themselves. 

In addition, we offer a managed event for an extra £5 per hour (detailed above), where a member of staff is there to schedule a series of games, challenges and tournaments and ensure everyone has a great time.

For example - 6 players with 3 hour block is £66 + 3 hour management is £15 so total of £81

We will look to offer fully catered events in future, but for now you're welcome to bring your own party food + drinks. Note that as per our terms of use, food and drink cannot be consumed at the PC spaces, but we have separate seating and table areas suited to this. A 20-30 minute break during an event is encouraged anyway for comfort, and this does not deplete your gaming account time.


Party Services Price
Gaming Time As above (minimum 5 persons / 3 hours)
Managed Event add £5 per hour
Catering Possibly to be added in future
Video/Photo Capture Possibly to be added in future