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Kustom LAN Party 
events have run since 2008 and have evolved from a 'Bring Your Own PC' event in our Fort Street store to a new Turn Up and Play Format at our new River Street location. 

This means maximum fun with minimal effort - just buy your ticket and show up, there will be a computer ready and waiting for you, installed with the games needed to take part. 

Our LAN parties are social events that bring people together for the love of gaming, and we aim to create an atmosphere that you simply don't get playing games at home. The events vary between mixed party events with a selection of games to events based around a particular theme or specific game. We're open to new ideas, so if you know of an event that would be popular please do just pop us an e-mail.

Forthcoming events can be seen below, and you can also keep up to date with next events by following in other areas.

Kustom LAN Party