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From our shop at 9 River Street, Ayr, Ayrshire, Kustom carry out computer repair and upgrade services on Windows Desktop and Laptops, so if you have a system that is not starting, has physical damage or needs improved we're able to help.

We're great at what we do, have a team with long-term experience and provide good quality work at fair pricing.

If you need your computer fixed, pop it in to our Ayr shop and we'll get it looked at right away.

Items we can work on:

We are not able to take on jobs on items that are not in the above list. So Macs, Phones, Tablets, Games Consoles, Televisions, Monitors, Car Keys... we cannot look at, sorry. We're great at what we do, and we stick to what we know.

How to organise a repair:

Repair work is carried out in a drop-in basis to our shop. 

No appointment is neccessary, any job will get a quick on-the-spot assessment of what may be needed and options explained to you.

For location of our shop and parking information - see Shop Location page. 

For our opening hours including any notes on holidays - see Opening Hours page.

Some options and costs of various repairs are shown linked on desktop and laptop items below. You're welcome to email us for any further information beforehand, but understand we can't diagnose faults or examine parts remotely, so typically we would ask you to bring in the computer at the first opportunity.

Do you offer on-site work or have a pick-up / drop-off service?

We only carry out repair work on our premises as this lets us make most efficient use of time, so we do not offer work on-site at home or in offices at present. We do know some great local firms that can help with this though - so just email us letting us know where you are and what you need carried out and we'll recommend someone nearby / suitable (within Ayrshire only). Understand that you will likely pay more to have someone complete work on-premises for you, but if you do no want to move the computer it is of course an option.

If you are unable to transport your computer in to us, we can carry out a pick-up and drop-off service on weekday evenings (6pm-7pm) in Ayr and Prestwick. Ask in store or email us with a suitable time and address. This is offered for £25 on top of the repair costs and includes 15 minutes of time to plug-in your computer and let you see things operational.

What to bring

For desktop computers, we only need the computer tower - power cables, keyboard / mouse, screen are not needed and should be left at home.

For all-in-one or laptop computers, please bring the power charger cable if possible. We do have spares for most but not all models, so it's best if you can bring yours.

If carrying out work that involves using the Windows operating system, if the computer has a password to login, please be able to give us this when booking in the computer to avoid any delay in work being carried out.


We'll take a quick look at any computer when you bring it in - if it's a quick job we'll sometimes handle it there and then (such as a graphics card install). Most repair work involving software is completed in 1-3 days. Repair work that involves parts being brought in specially may take longer - such as spare parts for laptops like screens, keyboards, plastic casings, as these are often unique and will need to be brought in.

Clicking for the list of services below gives indicative timescales on job completion.

We always complete work promptly at our end, and give you updates along the way by email or SMS Text Message.

We do not charge more for a faster service - we simply provide a premium service to all of our customers. Gold service as standard, if you like.


Once we have had a quick look at your computer we will be to advise of cost of repair, and where possible will indicate these before booking in. You can see costs for common services by clicking in one of the sections below for desktop or laptop computers. On consistent jobs we show a fixed price, but where work involved may vary we show a typical cost range. Anything involving replacement parts will of course vary from different computers but we have tried to give as much indication as possible so that you have a ballpark cost known before coming in.

Desktop PC Repairs / Upgrades

Laptop Repairs / Upgrades