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For booking a repair / diagnosis / upgrade please complete this form.

(updated April 15th 2022) - Most jobs can be started within 2 days, and work is on a fairly prompt schedule at the moment. Please note that from the laptops repairs page some jobs may not be possible just now (availability of parts to replace laptop casing damage, laptop screens and laptop keyboards is poor). Desktop repairs completed as normal.

Note - from our repairs page it's stated we work only on Windows computers (desktops mostly and some laptop repairs). Other devices (phones, tablets, Mac computers, consoles) are not supported, we can't book any repair work for these.

Ideally fill out this form prior to dropping off your desktop or laptop - we can send you back confirmation of availability / best day for drop off and and indicative costs (or if it's not possible to do the requested repair, will let you know and it saves your time in travelling)


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