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Day Passes / More Internet / Week 19 Update

Posted by   Graeme Clark

Pricing Options

We're refining our play time options, and this week added alongside our usual pricing structure (which allows you to buy hours that you can use anytime with no expiry), we've added a day pass rate now which is valid within our opening hours.

This is cheaper but is for use on a single day only and expires at the end of that day - but it does mean if you want a long session at our centre it's better value than before.

  • Mon-Thu Day Pass is £13.50 (open 12:00 - 18:00, so up to 6 hours play time)
  • Fri or Sat is £20.00 (open 10:00 - 20:00, so up to 10 hours play time)

Internet Upgraded

We have more internet! Download and upload speeds both upgraded this week so that any unexpected / last-minute game updates go through suuuuuper-fast.

We're using a business grade service from Virgin Media, which has little contention and gives great download speeds and reliable service, and this week has been upgraded to their new 500Mbps package.

Theme Night Poll

There's a poll on facebook to find which themed evenings would be most popular - looks like a Kustom LAN night/s will be on the go soon, but it's useful to see what else people would like us to host. 

We'll start adding events on to the calendar during next week.

New Games Installed

From our initial pool, we've added a few more games. CSS / Counter Strike Source and Dirt 3 now have 10 house licenses so you can play without owning these already. osu! (requires login) and Minecraft Java Edition (requires login) have also been added.