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Versus LAN / New Games / Week 31 Update

Posted by   Graeme Clark

Kustom GameGrid is a PC Gaming Arena in Ayr, see all info on our venue at . Here's our latest news!

LAN Party - Versus Night

It's been a while since we had a Versus night - simply, it's the Kustom LAN 1v1 gaming night. There's points in every game with a variety of genres, and we start with 16 players and work through a ladder of games with names drawn randomly for first heats, then progress through to quarter, semi and final 1v1 games.

It's a great social night to take part and even if you're out in the first round, you'd be amazed what good spectator sport a game of Tetris can be.

The event runs 5.30pm to 10.30pm on Saturday 10th August. You can arrive from 5pm but please make sure to arrive and be ready for 5.30pm so that we can get everyone on the table.

Tickets are £8.00 and we'll throw in one free soft drink for all participants. There's 16 player slots and ideally we want to fill all of those, so nudge your friends and get them to come along - it's a cheap and unique night out and our past events at Fort Street of this nature had a terrific atmosphere.

The planned games list is, with roughly 1 hour for each -

* Warsow (played on fast PCs with 144Hz monitors)

* Rocket League (1v1 - played on fast PCs with 144Hz monitors - both KB / Mouse and Xbox 360 controllers available, bring your own controller if you wish)

* Tekken 7 (Played on single PC with large TV and pair of HORI Arcade Pro sticks)

* WRC 7 (Head to Head / Super Special Stages - played on GT Omega Rigs with ThrustMaster T500RS)

* Tetron4 2000 4.36 (two player Tetris clone - played on anything really!)

Order your ticket here =

Fortnite Season X

We make sure our systems are regularly updated on Fortnite so that the latest builds are ready to play. Additionally, we have a new scoreboard system which will show player performance today - ideal to compare with your buddies and see who racks up the most kills and top 25 / 10 etc finishes.

Discord 'house' accounts added

We now have a Discord account on each PC that signs in on login to each PC. Want to chat with your team while in game? Just have those players drag their PC to one of the voice chat groups to keep in touch - no need to log in to your own account, so saves time!

New Games Installed

Battlefield V and FIFA 19 accounts added on all of our 10 PCs now, and our fighting system (pictured below) has Street Fighter V added.

Fighting Rig

Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 are set up now on a system with 2 x HORI Arcade Pro sticks - available for use at our usual hourly rates (eg £4 for 1 hour, £11 for 3 hours) but of course, since this is 2 player you can go halves with a buddy! (eg only one player needs to pay to sign in).

If you're into fighting games / FGC in Ayr, this is an ideal way to challenge someone in person with no lag.