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Fortnite Tournaments and Halloween LAN Party Events

Posted by   Graeme Clark


We have two Fortnite events to access this week through Super League Gaming -

* Firstly, a 4 player Squads event on Saturday 26th October. For European ggCircuit centres, there's a prize pot of $10,000 available with the wining team scooping $6000 ($1500 per player). Four players must sign up to take part and play within the centre and they are £13.50 per player so £54 for 4.

* From Monday 28th 4pm, there will be a weekly Solos event for European ggCircuit centres - 10 matches will run, with the winner of each match taking $200 of the prize fund. We provide an evening pass for £7.99 for access to this event and tickets will go on sale each week.

Sat 26th Squads event =

Mon 28th Solo event = See links above for our info on the events and more detail also available here =

Also, the first Halloween night online now for Thursday 31st October - potential to repeat on a following Saturday if enough demand, pop us an email ( if you can't make it and want a follow up, otherwise, grab your ticket for Thu 31st here. Should be a good night with l4d2, Hidden Source, Contagion and Killing Floor 2 all on the schedule. Loaded and ready on our PCs, so just turn up and play. =

See full info on games / videos on the page linked above.


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