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Sci-Fi LAN / Controllers / New Games / Week 28 Update

Posted by   Graeme Clark

Here's what's happening at Kustom GameGrid this week -

LAN Party

Our next LAN Party is scheduled, a science fiction theme night which will include co-op play in Moonbase Alpha and Star Trek Bridge Crew and some scenarios in Battlefront 2.

Moonbase Alpha will be a race of two teams, each in their own scenario trying to repair a damaged facility on the moon. There's multiple steps that need a steady hand and good team skills, while keeping watch on time to avoid oxygen running out.

Star Trek Bridge Crew will be teams of 4, each with a duty to help steer the USS Enterprise on a selection of missions, this is a team / co-op play game again.

Battlefront 2 we'll run some space battle and ground scenarios - Blast and Starfighter Assault modes.

The event runs 6pm-11pm, with arrival from 5.30pm on Friday 19th July. You don't need to own any of the games, just turn up and play and ticket price is £12.00. It's a bargain night out for some alternative gaming fun and a great chance to make some new buddies. Order your ticket here =

Can't make the date? Worth popping us an email, if we have enough interest we'll run a repeat of the event in the following week.

Kustom LAN Sci-Fi Night 19th July 2019

PC Upgrades

Our PC systems have had a storage upgrade, giving space for more games to be installed and ready to go. Additionally, we've had a few requests for controllers so have added XBox 360 controllers on all of the PCs to give a fallback when keyboard / mouse aren't suitable.


We've realised that notifications about LAN events just on facebook isn't really suited to everyone so there's now a huge array of ways to be notified. See to list the links - we'll share info about upcoming events at the bottom of that page (eg the ticket option to buy) as well as on facebook, a Discord channel just for showing events, Twitter, Instagram, a Google Calendar which will show you the dates of events when subscribed and an email list that provides a copy of these blogs. 

No excuse to miss an event now :)

New Games Installed

There's more new games installed this month - on our 10 x PCs, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefront II and Star Trek Bridge Commander. On our driving rig, Euro Truck Sim 2, F1 2019, Dirt Rally 2.0, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition have been added. A second racing sim will be added soon, allowing 2 player racing events.