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Kustom LAN 29 / Week 20 GameGrid Update

Posted by   Graeme Clark

Kustom GameGrid, Ayr's only PC gaming arena, adds more games to our systems ensuring that popular titles are ready to play. Battle Royale shooter 'Ring of Elysium' is ready to play now on our systems, and you can sign in to your own Steam or play on our house accounts for quick access.

Game Updates

We've made improvements to our update schedule maintenance to ensure games are ready to play quickly at the centre. Updates are admittedly just one of those things with PC gaming, they can happen and not always at the greatest of times, but we've scripted our systems to check these daily so that they're up to date every day prior to opening.


Kustom LAN Party

What bigger news could there be, our LAN Party event is back. Soon we'll be hosting weekly focussed events (eg specific game tournaments / themed evenings) but following a facebook poll it was clear that our existing followers wanted a traditional LAN event like we ran of old days.

So that's what we're doing, but with a few twists.

Our events at the old store were in our loft space, and with around 20 places for bring your own PC spaces. These did result in some great big games, but a lot of games had to split to two servers - this was an administrative headache and did spoil the atmosphere a little, but it was the way it was, the day had been picked and we would want to fill the room.

Now, we have 10 PCs ready for turn up and play (and 2 event admin spaces if numbers ever need bulked up for a game), which to be fair, is a nice number. It's enough to make the occasion / atmosphere feel good, allows us to keep everyone in the same game for most titles - and that combined with that the PCs are set up with all the games required before the event means things run smoothly. No more games being held up as someone hasn't installed it and others can't see servers because they're running VPNs ;)

So it's less time than the old events at 5 hours - but while the old 11 hour events were long, with the amount of time lost to setup time at the start, waiting for some to install games, losing time to lunch, dinner breaks... it's a bit more foccused and it will be a greater quality of time.

Anyway, that's all the background theory stuff. Since it's a fewer number of spaces, we're running duplicate events on two dates, Saturday 25th May and Friday 31st May, meaning there's a chance to cover availability for more people.

The games schedule has been picked from some favourites from the past few years -

  • Counterstrike Source Warmup
  • Goldeneye Source
  • Golf with your Friends
  • Sourceforts
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Galatic Warfare Star Wars Mod
  • Garrys Mod (Prophunt and TTT)
  • Dirt 3 Cat and Mouse
  • Armagetron (Fortress Maze, then Bullets / Zombies Mod)
  • Fistful of Frags

These are set up on the PCs and ready to go.

Event cost is £12.00 and to confirm a seat, pay in advance in the shop or online through the links below. Note that we don't have a 'I'll turn up and pay on the day' option anymore, if there's seats left on the day that's fine, but we can't hold reservations on a promise.


LAN 29a - Saturday 25th May 6pm-11pm

Ticket purchase link

Facebook event

Google Calendar link


LAN 29b - Friday 31st May 6pm-11pm

Ticket purchase link

Facebook event

Google Calendar link