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Kustom LAN - Halloween - Saturday 9th November

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Kustom LAN Ticket
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Repeat schedule - we're running a duplicate of this event on a weekend night to give more people a chance to take part.

It's time for a return of a spooktacular event - 2 years have passed since our last scary games themed event and it's time to remind those zombies that we're back and mean business. 

The event is held for 8 people on Saturday 9th November, run time is 6pm start and will play till around 10.30pm. Can arrive from 5.30pm for setup / seating but we expect to start at 6pm sharp. 

For parking info see

All computers and games are already in place, so no need to carry in your PC, although if you're particularly fond of your own keyboard and mouse you're welcome to bring those. Otherwise, we have Razer Black Widow keyboards and mixture of ZOWIE and Dream Machines mice for you to use at the venue.

All games are owned / installed on the PCs already so you don't need to own any of them to take part.

Buying a ticket in advance is the only way to reserve a seat for the event - some may remain at the time, but we're not able to hold spaces by any other means than first come first served on ticket sales.

Game Schedule -

  • Left4Dead2
  • Contagion
  • The Hidden Source
  • Killing Floor 2

Here's some video clips from Youtube to show gameplay. Note - admittedly some of these have some regular swearing, perhaps to be expected with jumpy games, but note that these are going to be not safe for work / children / sensitive ears.

Left 4 Dead 2- Versus mode will be played with 4 on zombies and 4 on survivors then team swap.


Contagion - A more serious Zombie survival game played as co-operative survival.


The Hidden Source - One player is near invisible and armed with a knife, where the other 7 players are armed with guns and must take down 'The Hidden'. Anyone who eliminates The Hidden will play as that character in the next round. Much stealth and jumpy moments ensue.


Killing Floor 2 - co-op game to tackle waves of monsters. Survive, weapon up, and repeat.


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