Graphics Card Pricing

Posted by   Graeme Clark

It's been at the forefront of many a gamer's mind lately 'I'm not upgrading any time soon, GPU pricing is crazy.' It's a fair enough comment - when another wave of a gold rush on cryptocurrency mining occured at the start of 2018, costs on graphics cards nearly doubled, such was the high demand.

With much of that satisfied, and mining not as profitable as it was in past months, the market is starting to settle a little and now we're seeing GTX 1070 cards fall below £500, GTX 1080 back below £600 and some 1060 models below £300. They're not as cheap as they were in 2017, but at least now it's not in a different league.

So it's well worth another look - click here to see our currently available nVidia cards: 

Or here for AMD cards: 

And if it still seems a bit much, here's two more tips for helping affordability.

1. We offer finance on components at 19.5% APR through our partners Close Brothers Retail Finance, so pay a GTX 1080 Windforce up over 12 months for £47.76 per month after a £57.90 deposit - apply in the shop, and bring ID and bank details, the application process takes 15-20 minutes. Example info shown below.

2. And as the old phrase goes, 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em'. Need a graphics card to play games? Cool.

Do you play games 24 hours a day? Probably not (although then again, there's likely exceptions).

So use that down time, set up an MSI Afterburner profile to tune for mining, download Nicehash and leave your PC earning you some cash when you're not using it. At current rates, a GTX 1080 still earns back £20 a month after electricity costs on Nicehash - not amazing, but from a gamers point of view, that's enough cash for a free game every couple of months, or paying back the higher GPU cost within a few months. So maybe things aren't so bad after all.

(image below captured at time of writing, 20th March - can go up or down, check;GBP;0.14;1;198;0;a5=1070.56;a8=0.81;a14=56.15;a20=24.5;a21=3.86;a22=0.5;a23=0.4;a24=575.67;a25=1.41;a27=2.41;a28=5.58 for the latest)


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