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Das Root Keyboards

Posted by   Graeme Clark

Filling the gap left behind by the old Das 'Model S' - Das Root is a lower cost variant to Das Keyboard 4, although not that you would realise it from first glance, from the outset it's pretty similar to Das 4.

So what's still there?

  • Genuine Cherry MX switches in blue (clicky) or brown (tactile) formats
  • Analogue volume dial with dedicated media controls
  • Alumnium top panel with a thin floating style
  • Great minimalist look that Das are well known for
  • Removable magnetic foot rest that also functions as a ruler

And the differences? Pretty simple - apart from that lower cost, the Das Root loses the USB 3.0 hub in favour of a USB 2.0 hub. And as a perk, it adds a braided USB cable which if anything looks smarter.

Das Root is currently £118, so £12 cheaper than the Das 4 model, which will continue to be available as normal alongside.

Clicky Blue switch model

Tactile Brown switch model 


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