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AMD Ryzen 2 CPUs + Motherboard BIOS Updates

Posted by   Graeme Clark

AMD Ryzen CPUs were quite a game-changer in 2017, bringing AMD back in to the processor market fight as a real contender again, and Ryzen 3 / 5 CPUs made for great performance to value gaming systems and Ryzen 7 offering multi-threading performance for heavy multi-taskers and creative users at a great price point.

Only a year later we now see Ryzen 2 (Zen+) available in Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 series - while these are not a complete performance revolution like last year, it keeps them relevant with higher clock speed options in the face of Intel returning fire with their 8th gen CPUs.

So what's good with Ryzen 2 series?

* Higher stock clock speeds and an overclocking limit 200-300Mhz faster than previous generation
* Improved 12nm manufacturing process
* Improved Turbo function for those not-overclocking
* Close to previous generation pricing
* 2700X has a fancy new LED cooler included

Almost a great plus is that they still use the AM4 socket as the first gen CPUs, but the catch is that most motherboards on shelves in stores just now do not have a new enough BIOS to support Ryzen 2 and so won't start - (this applies also to the Ryzen 2 + Vega graphics models like 2200G and 2400G). AMD do offer a loan of a temporary old CPU if you ask their support but that's a real headache in terms of time spent.

So here's the thing - ever courteous, remember that we offer to flash motherboards to the latest BIOS when bought from us.

Just ask in-store, or, put a request in the comments box when ordering online, and we'll update the motherboard BIOS on any A320, B350 or X370 motherboard so that they're Ryzen 2 ready. If you're going to use the stock AMD cooler, we'll fit the new processor and cooler too so that you're ready to go. This is offered for free when buying parts from us, we like to be helpful that way. :)

Ryzen 5 2600 (

and Ryzen 7 2700X (

are both in stock now.


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