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Filco Majestouch N Key Rollover Linear Keyboard

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FKBN105ML/UKB Full Size Keyboard,
Cherry MX Black Switches
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The Majestouch Linear Force keyboard provides all of the standard features of the standard Majestouch keyboard, but with higher force "Linear" key switches. Unlike the standard Majestouch boards, the metal plate mounted switches of this board provide constant resistance as they are depressed for the entire length of key travel."Linear" switches are well suited for typists that like a firm key feeland work best for activities where accidental key presses are to be avoided such as with gaming or retail kiosks.

When using the USB cable, N-Key Rollover will support up to 6 simultaneous keypresses. With the included PS/2 adapter, True N-Key Rollover is supported allowing for an unlimited number of simultaneous keypresses.

This model includes Cherry MX series keyswitches with a 2.8oz actuating force give a linear feel (also known as Cherry Black Switches). Keys have 4.0mm travel  and are designed for 50 million actuations.

The keyboard has a metal baseplate for strength and rigidity and features red LEDs.

  • 1.5 metre cable
  • Dimensions : 440 x 138 x 36mm
  • 1.24kg
  • 105 keys, UK Layout
  • PC / Mac Compatible


See / hear a video of the Linear keyboard in action :

Wired - USB
Keyboard Form Factor:
Full Size
Keyboard Keycap Material:
Keyboard Layout:
Keyboard Macro Keys:
Keyboard OS :
  • Windows
Keyboard Switch Brand:
Keyboard Switch Type:
Keyboard Wrist Rest:
No Wrist Rest

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