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Mechanical Keyboard DKPK5Q0P0GZS0UKX
Gamma Zulu Switches
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5Q: World’s First Smart Keyboard

The Das Keyboard 5Q is the world’s first smart, cloud-enabled, open API, RGB mechanical keyboard that helps boost productivity through dazzling performance and the industry’s fastest electronics. It is the first keyboard that moves beyond just a simple input device. Push your important information and notifications straight to your keyboard creating a visual dashboard. Combined with the fastest electronics and performance in the industry, the 5Q makes the ultimate creation tool that keeps you focused on your task and operating at your highest level.

Advanced Mechanical Gamma Zulu Switches

With performance-tuned keys, the Das Keyboard 5Q brings together the best in tactile feedback you can feel and gaming-grade performance. Keys are tuned to deliver ultra-quick, responsive feedback that is up to 45 times faster than the keys on standard keyboards, while the anti-ghosting gaming matrix prevents response delays even when you press multiple keys simultaneously. Type at the speed of thought, instinctively moving words directly from your brain to your computer.

The Ultimate Computing Experience

Early adopters, technophiles, master gamers and master professionals will find there is no substitute for owning the best smart mechanical keyboard in the world. It is the fundamental brain–computer interface, the mind-machine connection, the direct communication pathway between a wired brain and all global internet-connected devices. It is unbelievably unique and very special. Owning it will be the ultimate experience.

Product Details:

Advanced Mechanical Switch, 100 million Actuations, Faster Response, and Brighter RGB

Faster & superb RGB lighting creates an electrifying gaming experience along with the unsurpassed 100 million actuations —100% more durable than standard mechanical switches — will deliver satisfying gaming and work productivity for many years to come. Soft tactile key switches with a 1.5mm actuation point, provide users with faster, more effortless typing and gaming sessions. Double cross points for redundancy which improves both accuracy and longevity. It’s the most advanced mechanical switches in the world, available exclusively from Das Keyboard.

Q Software for Illumination and Smart Notification Management — Customized, Color-coded Notifications on User Selected Keys, via IFTTT and Zapier

Freedom to focus and think. Tackle problems without the distractions from multiple device notifications, social media, and email. The Das Keyboard Q Software connects to IFTTT and Zapier to light up the 5Q smart keyboard with user-defined notifications—all color-coded and displayed right on the keyboard. Since they’re happening in the periphery just outside the direct field of view and users are better able to stay focused on the task at hand. You can also receive Q notifications while you are away from your keyboard with Q mobile applications for both Android and Apple.

45X Faster Electronics with RTO Real Time One (0.4ms Detection)

Split-second decision making, commands executed flawlessly and responsively. The Das Keyboard 5Q detects key presses in 0.4 milliseconds and reports it to the computer within 1 millisecond, up to 45 times faster than other keyboards. Millisecond differences can decide whether you — or the other guy — comes out on top. If you need to have the latest technology and the best performing keyboard, you have only one choice, the Das Keyboard 5Q.


2x brighter RGB+ with 16.8M Colors - The brightest and Most Blingy RGB Keyboard

Enhanced brightness and modern switch design, the 5Q delivers the brightest and most intense RGB colors, at least twice as bright as all other RGB keyboards. Personalize brilliant RGB color lighting and patterns to match your style from a spectrum of 16.8 million colors. The Das Keyboard 5Q RGB mechanical smart keyboard is a marvel of modern engineering, binding advanced electronics with an eye-popping LEDs that produce a fireworks display. It supports unlimited lighting profiles, in which you can customize a host of controls specific to a program or game.


Dedicated Media Controls with Oversized Q Button / Volume Knob

Three rectangular media keys plus a unique volume knob designed for the way you play. Customize all 12 Function keys to quickly and accurately execute complex maneuvers. With dedicated media controls, you can play, pause and mute music and videos instantly right from the keyboard.

Best Ergonomic Silicone Wrist Rest for Comfort and Protection against Injuries

Das Keyboard 5Q features the world’s first silicone based detachable wrist rest that magnetically attaches and helps typists rest their wrist comfortably. It helps to keep your wrists in the right position to avoid tension on your muscles and tendons. It is ergonomic and supportive, plus the premium silicone surface protects against the accumulation of dirt and sweat that can make you uncomfortable.

Das German Engineering - Durable Build Quality for Confidence and Precision

German engineering stands for precision in all that we do—precision in the design and what you feel on your keyboard. Everything the gamer or professional touches and controls must instill confidence and precision. We want users to feel they have the computer and global internet under their control and it will do exactly what they desire it to do. Das Keyboard 5Q sports an anodized black aluminum top panel for super durability, to reinforce the feeling of solidity, confidence, and precision. Your keyboard will last for a very long time and will sit securely anchored on your desk. Made with first class electronics and top quality materials, the Das Keyboard 5Q will be serving you for many years to come.

Full N-key Rollover with 100% Anti-Ghosting - Capture Every Simultaneous Key Press

The Das Keyboard 5Q with full n-key rollover (NKRO) has the ability to scan each button press individually, as opposed to having the PC do it. As a result, every pressed key is noted, even if you are pressing a bunch of keys simultaneously. This is particularly relevant to gaming because it gives gamers unlimited simultaneous use of all the keys during gameplay. With n-key rollover, it is possible to press as many keys as needed to enhance one’s gaming performance. N-key rollover technology also combats the issue of ghosting (an extra letter or key is erroneously registered) because each key is scanned independently. The 5Q will always read all keystrokes, optimizing your gameplay and typing.

Double Shot Keycaps for Ultimate Durability

Android and Apple Apps to receive notifications while on-the-go

Wired - USB
Keyboard Form Factor:
Full Size
Keyboard Keycap Material:
ABS Double Shot
Keyboard Layout:
Keyboard Macro Keys:
Keyboard OS :
  • Windows
Keyboard Switch Brand:
Keyboard Switch Type:
Keyboard Wrist Rest:
Detachable Wrist Rest

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