Coolforce Hard Tube Adapter G1/4" Inner Thread 12mm OD CF-MGF100F

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Short description:
Female G1/4" to 12/10mm PETG Tubing Adapter

Under the label "Coolforce - powered by Nanoxiaô we present selected water cooling components for demanding water cooling enthusiasts.

We offer you a broad variety of straight and angled connectors and compression fittings for every demand. Using our products makes it very easy to lay out your tubing inside your system as desired. Our fittings are of the highest grade and offer outstanding quality. Sealing rings ensure that the fittings are permanently sealed.

This compression fitting is ideally suited to connect our CF1 PETG tubes (or any other acrylic tubes with identical dimensions) and components with a G 1/4 outer thread in a water cooling circuit.

Please note: These connectors are designed especially for the CoolForce PETG tubes (or acrylic tubes with identical dimensions)! Please do not use these ports for conventional PVC tubing.

Material Brass
Colour Black
Inner Thread G1/4"
Connector Hard Tubes (12 mm Ï)
Thread Length 5mm
Length 15.6mm
Diameter 20mm
Manufacturer Number CF-MGF100F

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