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WPPS12019 Car Laptop Charger Acer Advent Compaq

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This is a car adapter for use with the WPPS80 Power Supply, or for charging laptops in car.

2.5mm tip is suitable for many models from Acer, Advent, Asus, Compaq, Fujitu sSIemens, LG, Gateway, HP, Mitac, Packard Bell, Toshiba, Lenovo

Input Voltage Range 11 to 16v DCInput Current
No Load 11V 110mA
Full Load 11V 13.5A
No Load 16V 80mA
Full Load 16V 8.55
81% Full Load at 11vDC
88% Full Load at 16VDC
Start-up Time 250mS max
Output Voltage
No load 19.3V min 19.9V max
Full load 18.75V min 19.3V max
Output 1ower 120W or 6.3A
Ripple and Noise
450mV peak to peak 11VDC input at Full Load 20MHz Bandwidth
270mV peak to peak 16VDC input at Full Load 20 MHz BandwidthProtectionUnder-voltage Shutdown The unit will shutdown with a full load 10.0V min 10.5V max
Over-voltage Shutdown The unit will shutdown with a full load 33V min 34V max
Output Current Limit The unit will shutdown with full load at 6.5A min 7.5A max
Shutdown Auto Restart Time 9 secs min 11 secs max
Thermal Shutdown 84degC
Reverse Input Fuse will blowAmbient Temperature
-20degC to 35degC
Storage -40degC to 85degC
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Mechanical 137 x 63.5 x 31.75mm L x W x H
Weight 812g Without cables
LED indicator on Auto Plug and LED indicator on the Adapter


    • The Adapter is protected against spikes and power surges, which may
      occur in the electrical

    • The Adapter will operate when plugged into the car while the car is
    • Do not jump-start the car with the adapter plugged in! This may cause
      extremely high

      voltage spikes and turn the adapter off. Remove the plug and allow 10
      seconds for the adapter

      to reset.
    • Do not operate the adapter with a lighter plug splitter or extender
      cable. It could cause

      the cigar lighter to overheat.
    • It is normal for the adapter to become warm and is not harmful to it. Do
      not place the adapter

      in a glove compartment where the airflow around it is restricted. This could
      cause thermal

      shutdown and will have to be cooled down for the unit to operate correctly.

Known Supported Models


COMPAQ Evo N105, Evo N115, Evo N160, Evo N180, Presario 700, 800,
1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1090, 1200, 1210, 1230,
1240, 1250, 1270, 1280, 1600, 1620, 1630, 1640,

1650, 1670,1680, 1690, 1700, 1800, 2100,2110,
2120,2130,2140,2150,2160,2170,2180,2190, 2200,2500, 2700, 2800, 3000,3020, 3070,
3080 series;


HP OmniBook 2100, 2105, 2106, 2120,3000, 3100, 4100,

4150, 500, 510, 6000, 6000B, 6000C, 6100, 700, 7100, 7150, 900, 900B, XE, XE2,
XE3 series; Pavilion 6000, n3000, n3100, n3400, n5000,XH series, XZ series, ZT,
ZE series; Business notebook n1050v,

nx9000,nx9005, nx9010, nx9008 series;


ASUS V1J, V2Je, F3P, W7J, Z35L, S6F, M9A, M9V, M9J-, M9F , A8F, F9F,
A7J, A7JC, W2V, W3V, W3N, W3000, W5F, W5V, U1F, U5F, U5A, X50, G1S, G2S,

X51R, A3H, A3Ac, A3Vp. A3Vc, A3E, A3G, A3N/L, A3Hf, A3fP, A3Fc, A6Jm, A6Km, A6M,
A6T, A6Ta, A6Tc, A7C, A7F, A7G, A7J, A7M, A7S, A7Tc, A8Jp, A8Jr, A8Js, A8M,
A8Sc, A9RP,A9T, F2J, F2Je,

F3Ja, F3Jc, F3Jm, F3Jp, F3Jr, F3M, F3Sc, F3T, F3Tc, F9J, G1, G2, V1Jp, VX2,
W1Jc, W2J, W2Pc, W3J,W7F,W7FP, F5R, R1E,U6E series;


TOSHIBA Satellite A100, A110, A130, A135, A200, A205,

L100, L10, L15, L20, L25, L30, L35, L40, L45, M200, M30, M35, M45, M50, M55,M65,
M70, P200, Pro A100, Pro L10, Pro L20, Pro M50, Pro M70, Pro L100, U300, U305,
1000, 1005, 1115, 1130, 1200, 1600,

1620, 1640, 1730,1750, 1900,1905, 1955 series; Tecra L2 series; Qosmio F45
series; Equium A100, L100, M70 series;


IBM/Lenovo IdeaPad 3000 Y300, Y310, Y400, Y430,Y500, Y510, Y530


Compal ACY13, APL10, APL11, BCL32, BCQ12, CL32, CQ12, CY13, PL10,
PL11, TS30H series; BENQ Joyebook series;CLEVO 2700, 66 Series, 862, 86CE, 98


FUJISTU LifeBook A1010, A3110,

C1211, C1320, C1410, C2010, C2110,C2111,C2210, C2220, C2230, C2240, C2310,
C2320, C2330, E2010, E330, E380, E4010, E4010D, E6624, E6634, E6644, E6654,
E6664, E7010,E7110, E8000, E8000D,

E8010, E8010D, E8020, E8210,N3400, N3410, N3500,N3510, S6310, S2210, S6310,
S6410, S2210, SS7000,S7000D,S7010,S7010D,S7011, S7020, S7025, S7110, T4010,
T4010D, T4210, T4020, Amilo D6820,

Amilo D8820, Biblio 4100L,N6110,N6220, V1010, FMV-BIBLO MG75S, FMV-BIBLO NBxx


GATEWAY Solo 400, Solo 450, Solo 600, W322, M320 series;


AVERATEC 3000, 3120, 3150, 3150H, 3150Hd, 3150Hs, 3150P, 3150HW,
3120V, 5110, 5110H, 5110Hx, 5110P, 6200, AV6200H60, AV6240, 6240 series;


Connector Size:
5.5 / 2.5

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