C-Edge Moulding Glossy Black - For panels up to 2mm

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Short description:
Black Window Moulding, 7mm deep
(Priced per metre)

Tired of hasseling with that rubber moulding? This is for you !

Priced per metre - order multiple quantity and we will supply one long length where possible.

1) Cut your window cutout 1/2" smaller than the window
2) Deburr the cutout.
3) Install edge moulding on cutout edge, press firmly to set the adhesive in the channel of moulding.
4) Buy some industrial adhesive from your local hardware store and run a small bead around the inside of the moulding (not too much)
5) Press your window from the inside to the adhesive and let it bond.
6) Depending on your adhesive of choice, clean up with Acetone. Use gloves when using Acetone.

At it's widest point the edging 4mm wide and 6mm deep.

The indent is 5mm deep and will support materials up to 2mm thickness. Outer diameter is 7mm.


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