Cooler Master RGB LED Controller

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The RGB LED Controller together with Cooler Master software allows you to take full control of your rig’s lighting and take it to the next level. Take advantage of countless combinations of colors and lighting effects, from presets to full customization. Have the PC lighting you want without an RGB capable motherboard. This compact controller easily fits inside your case. It can conveniently attach to any metallic surface with built-in magnet.

  • Compact and Convenient
  • Expandable (with splitter cables)
  • Built-in Magnet
  • Cooler Master Software
  • Countless colors and effects

Countless Colors and Effects
Bring your rig to life with unlimited lighting options. With more than 16.7 million colors, preset lighting patterns, and full customization capable software, your PC illumination will never be the same.

Cooler Master Software
Take full control of your lighting with Cooler Master’s exclusive software. With multiple preset color modes, you can have awesome lighting with none of the hassle. Have fun customizing your lighting effects and have the PC of your dreams.

Synchronize all 4 ports with a single color from more than 16.7 million color selections
Make each port standing out by setting a unique color to each of them individually
Paint your sky with stars in a color of your choice.
Special twinkling pattern that allows users to choose their sky’s color (base) and stars’ color (blinking).
Watch your mood change in cycle with Color Cycle effect
Breath with color
Show off your fans with different effects by setting each port to different modes
Take a break by turning the light off while the fans are still spinning
Ignite your creativity with full frequency customization. Be prepared to be blown away

Compact and Convenient
This low profile controller easily fits inside your case.
Conveniently attach it to any metallic surface with built-in magnets.

Independent and Expandable ports
Each port can easily be expanded using a splitter cable to equip more RGB fans or LED strips . With Customize and Multilayer mode, each of them can display individual lighting effects and customization options.

Product Name RGB LED Controller
Model Number MFY-RCSN-NNUDK-R1
Dimension 90mm x 53mm x 14mm
Material Plastic, PCB
Control Method Cooler Master Software
Input Connector SATA Power
Output Channel Voltage 12V
Output Channels 4
(Port 1, 2 for frequency control)
Lighting Mode Static , Breathing, Color Cycle, Stars, Customize , Multilayer, Turn LED off, Mirage (Frequency Control)
Included Accessories 4 x 450 mm Extension Cable
1 x 600 mm Extension Cable
Interface USB connectors (9 Pin)
Weight (g) 122
Warranty 5 Years
EAN Code 4719512060483
UPC Code 884102033148

LED Lighting

LED Lights - Connection:
  • RGB - Asus Aura
  • RGB - Gigabyte
  • RGB - Phobya

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