Pre-Wired 16mm Vandal Switch Cable for Cathode Inverter / Latching

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Short description:
Pre-Wired Connection Kit for 16mm Switches to power CCFL Inverter

This latching on/off vandal switch cable assembly is the ideal for modding enthusiasts that have a vandal switch and cathode inverter but need a cable assembly to control it. This cable is for 16mm Latching Style (ON/OFF) Vandal switches and us meant to plug in one Molex to the PSU and the other to the inverter you want on the other end. Switch LED will light when on and go off when switch is off.Note: This cable will require you to solder the 4 wires on the vandal switch for a professional look. Or, slot the wire through the gap on the terminals on the switch, and seal with heatshrink.

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