Techflex Cable Braiding Kit Chrome

(£11.40 inc VAT)
Short description:
Braid, Heatshrink and Ties

This kit contains everything you need to braid the cables inside your case ! After removing power connections, you can expand the braid over your cables, pull it tight , and then seal using either the included cable ties or heat shrink material.

Kit Includes

1.5 metres of 9mm Braid
1.5 metres of 12mm Braid
12 Short Clear Tie Wraps
30cm of 9mm Clear Heatshrink Tubing
30cm of 18mm Clear Heatshrink Tubing
15cm of 24mm Clear Heatshrink Tubing

*** Please note that because of metal content that this product is slightly conductive. It's best to keep this from touching your motherboard to avoid potential shorts. ***


Braiding - Colour:
  • Silver
Braiding - Size:
1/2" / 12mm
Braiding - Style:
PET - Regular

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