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HDMI Repeater

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Short description:
Allows use of longer HDMI Cables
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The HDMI Repeater extends the length of any HDMI cable by regenerating the HDMI signal before it outputs to the HDMI monitor or projector.

The HDMI Repeater will clean out the digital noise (sparkles) in your picture. The input of the HDMI repeater is connected with a long HDMI (male to male) cable from the HDMI device, such as, DVD player or Satellite set top box. The HDMI repeater output is connected to a second HDMI (male to male) cable to go from the output to any HDMI display or projector with a HDMI connector.

The box is placed near the display to remove any noise that has been generated by a long HDMI cable. The HDMI Repeater unit can be daisy chain two cables (up to four cables with four HDMI Repeater unit) together and create a longer HDMI extension.


• Allows you to extend the HDMI cable distance, between the HDMI player and HDMI TV set up to 40 metres (35 metre HDMI cable + 5 metre HDMI cable)
• Can daisy chain 4 units of the HDMI Repeater, which can extend the HDMI cable distance to 145 metres (35 metres x 4 + 5 metres).
• Maintains highest HDMI single link video resolution 1080
• Supports DDWG standard for HDMI compliant monitors
• Supports full HDMI audio and video
• Devices with DVI output not supported. (No signal control)
• HDCP Compliant
• Installs in minutes


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