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Parvum refurbished systems

Posted by   Graeme Clark

A couple of little beauties in our Refurbished Gaming PCs - a pair of systems housed in great looking Parvum X1.0 cases, both with 6 core Ryzen CPUs, moderate graphics cards (cheaper system with RX480, higher end with GTX 1660).


These are great looking and compact gaming PCs, unique in style and can still be ugpraded in future using our option to trade-up items we've sold, so there's scope to improve the processor or graphics card later.

A few items in these come from earlier trade-ins and others (including the cases / fans / SSDs / power supplies) are brand new and the systems get a 1 year warranty, along with a brand new and genuine Windows 10 OEM license.

They're great value too - with new systems climbing a little in cost at the moment, these are looking great value right now.

White system with RX 480 and 8GB =

Red system with GTX 1660 and 16GB =