*Used* i7-4790K 16GB Barebones Desktop PC

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Used Barebones - 60 Days Warranty
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Barebones PC - needs disk / power supply / operating system to be usable.

System was in regular use and has been tested again with memtest86 and prime95 to ensure stability.

Has one flaw - a memory channel does not function, meaning that two of the memory slots do not work. The system has 16GB installed into two slots (single channel configuration) and this performs fine but understand this is the limit and cannot be expanded further. System has been priced accordingly, with ebay sales of board / chip / RAM usually at £250-£300, so with a case and cooler included we are providing this notably below market rate.

Comprises of :

CoolerMaster HAF922 Case - Window version with front 200mm fan and rear 120mm fan (link). Case is a little scruffy and is missing the DVD bay cover (fitting a DVD drive or fan controller would resolve)

Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP Motherboard (link)

Intel i7-4790K processor (11166 Passmark score )

16GB DDR3 RAM Corsair 2400Mhz - fast DDR3 RAM. Uses both of the functioning RAM slots.

Cooler Master Hyper 103 CPU Cooler - not in photos but has been fitted since.

Notes :

Does not include power supply

Does not include graphics card - although motherboard has  

Does not include any SSD or Hard Disk (available new from stock)

Does not include any operating system (add Windows or Linux as required)

We can provide these if you want a full system eg 120GB SSD at £22.80 and Windows 10 Home License at £96.00, Power supplies starting from £32


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