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Razer Nabu X Smart Band Green

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Short description:
Bluetooth Band for Notifications and Apps
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Discreet, andcolorfulnotifications

The Razer Nabu X offers a no-screen, no-fuss notification interface, meaning you keep your head up and in the game at all times. It simply vibrates when you get an incoming alert from your phone, and the LEDs light up in customizable colors.


Stay Active

All tracked by Nabu X's accelerometer and algorithms, with progress displayed
on the companion fitness app of your choice.

Adventure Together

Nabu X is a social wearable, outfitted with Razer's proprietary Pulse technology to allow Nabu and Nabu X bands to "talk" to each other in a specified proximity. This creates fun, new ways of connecting with others and interacting with the world around you.

Shake hands to Exchange Info

Share and compare activity data



All-Day Wear

5-7 Days Battery life
30 days standby.
Water resistant
up to 1m.

the app

An Incredibly comprehensive and seamless experience.

  • Fitness Tracking
    Steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, hours slept all captured by the band and displayed in the companion Nabu X app.
  • Level up with ease
    It's easy to stay motivated and on top of your fitness game when you can track your progress over time.
  • Set Goals and Beat 'Em
    Create step, distance, calories, sleep and activity targets to destroy. With reminders and notifications to keep you on point.
  • Sleep well and see it
    The Nabu X automatically starts and stops sleep tracking from the moment you fall asleep, to when you wake. A silent alarm wakes you gently. Then, view the data on the companion app to make sure you?re getting a good night`s sleep.
  • Wireless sync for ease of use
    The Nabu X connects to the companion app on your mobile device via Bluetooth so your data is always up to date. And if your phone isn't on you, the Nabu X can store up to 5 days worth of data, syncing automatically when within range of your phone.

How to install the Razer Nabu X Beta app

Note: The Razer Nabu X Beta app for Android is still in development. Features of the app may be subject to change, and users may or may not encounter issues. We welcome users to try the Beta app and provide feedback within the app itself. This will help us further refine the app to completion in October 2015.


New features


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