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Laptop Repairs / Upgrades

Laptop repairs available from our shop at 9 River Street, Ayr, Ayrshire. For details on organising repairs, see our Repairs page.

If you have a Windows Laptop PC that needs repaired or upgraded, here is a list of common repair services and costs. Note that we only work on Windows systems and not Apple products. 

When bringing your laptop to the shop - please bring in the power charger cable if you have it. We do have spares for many laptops but there's a huge variety of these and so to avoid any delay in working in your system, it's best to bring the charger too. For any issues that require us to access the Windows desktop, please let us know of any password required to use the computer when dropping off.

All costs are quoted including 20% VAT.

Note any job brought in (excluding replacement power supply) is subject to a £15 minimum charge. Please avoid bringing in devices that you don't intend to have fixed, and see potential costs for jobs below.

Common repair / upgrade work on Laptop PCs -

Software / Data

Software Tune-Up 
Resolving error messages, fixing browser pop-ups or resolving general program issues

£30.00-£60.00 1-2 Days
Windows Reinstall (no backups)
Fresh install of the Windows Operating system (as per your license eg the same version as on before, or with Pro operating systems a downgrade is allowed such as Win 10 Pro to Win 7 Pro). Includes applying latest updates and installing required drivers.

£50.00- £60.00  1-2 Days
Windows Reinstall (with Data Backups)
As above but copying your existing data folders (such as Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Downloads, Steam Game Folders) and restoring those back on to the computer so that your information is retained. Note, this does not allow transfer of programs.

£70.00- £80.00 2-3 Days
Data Transfer
Copy data folders (Documents, Desktop, Photos, Downloads, Steam games etc) from one computer to another. Note - We'll do this for free if you are buying a new or refurbished laptop from us.

£30.00 1-2 Days
Case old Hard Disk into USB Bay
Remove hard disk from an old or broken desktop PC and fit to a 2.5" USB Enclosure so that data can be accessed from another computer. 

£40.00 1-2 Hours
Additional Program Migration (for Windows reinstall or Data Transfer jobs)
For some applications we can assist with moving your data, for applications like Sage, HMRC PAYE, Outlook. This will still require you to have passwords and login details, but we can install the program again, move data and ensure it's configured for you.

£30 per hr + 1-2 Hours
Missing Driver Installation
If you have installed a system yourself but some parts are not working, we will locate and install missing drivers and provide you with a copy of these for future reference. 

£25.00 1-2 Days
Windows Password Removal
Can remove password from a Windows login (this is the Windows user screen only, not a motherboard password or a password for any online account) to allow access to a computer.

Proof of ownership may be required - any suspicion that you are not entitled to the use of the computer (such as a company-owned computer) will mean this service is not offered.
£25.00 1 Day

Laptop Hardware Repairs

Possible (and not possible) repairs are listed below to clarify the services we can offer.

Power Supply Replacement
If your laptop is not charging, we stock a wide range of laptop power supplies. Please bring your laptop (and charger, if you have it) and we will check its operation and provide a replacement charger if required.

£13.00-£80.40 10-15 Minutes
Battery Replacement

For laptops with an internal battery, we can provide a replacement fitting service. Typically this is cost of battery + £20.00. For models that have a clip-in battery, it's advised to order this yourself - just remove the battery, check for a part code, search on eBay and order one that way. 

£40.00-£80.00 2 - 7 Days (allowing for part)
Laptop DC Jack Replacement
If the charging point on your laptop is loose or damaged, we can disassemble the laptop and fit a replacement connection.

£60.00-£79.00 3 - 7 Days (allowing for part)
Laptop Not Starting Diagnosis

If a system is not powering up / displaying, we will check for a faulty screen, faulty RAM and reset the power circuit. Note, we have to cover time spent so this has a minimum cost of £15 applied even if the computer is not fixable, however this does not apply if going ahead with a data transfer service.

£50.00 1 Day
Laptop Stability Diagnosis
Computer crashing in certain uses such as freezes, reboots or Blue Screen. Note, we have to cover time spent so this has a minimum cost of £15 applied even if the computer is not fixable.

£50.00-£120.00 1-10 Days
Laptop Hard Disk Replacement
Replace a failing hard disk and reinstall Windows. Prices vary by capacity and where data is to be recovered. Typically, see price of hard disk here + Windows reinstall options above.

From £92.00 1-2 Days
Laptop Cooling Repair
Disassemble the laptop, clear out dust, remove any heatsinks and clean before applying new thermal paste to improve cooling performance.

£45.00 1 Day
Laptop Cooling Repair and Replace Fan(s)
As above but including replacing a fan. Typically fans are special order parts so will result in a longer turnaround. If part has a long delivery time, we can offer to identify, return t

Around £55.00 3-14 Days (allowing for part, may need imported)
Laptop Screen Replacement
Replace a cracked or non-functioning screen. An average 15.6" laptop with 1366 x 768 resolution is £109.00, but models with higher-end screens will cost more. We have some screens in stock, so occasionally this is possible some day, but with many combinations, sometimes the part has to be ordered in. We need to see the laptop to check the screen size / connector position / connector size / mounting points.

From £109.00 1-7 Days
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
If some / all keys not working or are broken off, we can order in a replacement keyboard and fit for many models of laptop. Typically laptops with an obvious split from the keyboard to the rest of the top plastic are cheaper to replace, but on some models the keyboard is flush and welded as part of the whole top panel (meaning the whole panel, keyboard, trackpad must be replaced). We can advise on inspecting the laptop.

Typically £45.00 to £140.00 3-14 Days (allowing for part, may need imported)
Laptop Hinge / Plastic Damage Repair 
If your laptop is pulling apart as you raise and lower the screen, sometimes it's a broken hinge but more often it's a fracture at the point on the plastics that the hinge attaches to. Please bring in the laptop for us to examine and we will advise on what needs done. 

From £80.00 3-14 Days (allowing for part, may need imported)
Laptop Motherboard Repair
Sorry, we do not provide repair or replacement on laptop motherboards. We can assist with retrieving data from your hard disk on a dead system though.

- -
Laptop Liquid Damage
If your laptop has had liquid damage and one particular part such as the keyboard or disk drive don't function, we can replace those (see options above). If the system no longer powers up or does not bring up a display, it's damaged and unfortunately we cannot handle repairs on this, therefore will not accept bookings to examine this further. 

- -

Laptop Upgrades

Note that the costs below are split - we provide lower costs when parts are bought from Kustom for installation, or the higher costs if parts elsewhere. That is, if you give Amazon the business on the parts sales, we need to cover our work costs, but if you buy the parts from us, we can subsidise the installation cost for you. Further, note that failures of parts purchased elsewhere, we can only support to the point of subsequent diagnosis - the customer is responsible for dealing with the respective supplier in the event of failure within warranty if parts bought elsewhere.


  Parts from Kustom Parts from elsewhere  
Memory Installation
We will locate (often from stock) suitable RAM for your laptop and install it. On laptops with an easy to access trap door where installation time is less than 10 minutes, the labour is carried out for free. On models that require more disassembly such as removing a keyboard, a cost applies. Laptops requiring a full disassembly are billed at a higher cost and will take longer.

£10 - £35 Install Cost  + RAM (from £19.20) £20.00 0-1 Day
Clone Operating System to SSD (general use < 240GB)
Clone your existing Windows install to a faster Solid State Disk. Cost includes a Serial ATA data cable and has your system running as it was, and where physical space allows, your old hard disk will be retained as a second drive, and can be kept retaining your user data folders (Docments, Photos etc). See SSD Pricing for 2.5" SATA models.

£40 + SSD price from £22.00 £50.00 1-2 Days
Clone Operating System to SSD (Gaming System > 240GB)
Clone your existing Windows install to a faster Solid State Disk. As option above, but also including moving your Steam / Origin etc folders off the system temporarily, then cloning, then copying game folders back to the original hard disk and setting up the hard disk as the installation folders for game client files. See SSD Pricing for 2.5" SATA models.

£50.00 +
SSD price from £22.00
£60.00 2-3 Days