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Desktop Computer Repairs / Upgrades

For details on our location and organising repairs, see our Repairs page.

If you have a Windows Desktop PC that needs repaired or upgraded, here is a list of common repair services and costs. When bringing desktop PCs in to the shop, we need the computer unit only - power cables, screen, keyboard / mouse can be left at home unless the issue directly involves one of these parts.

All costs are quoted including 20% VAT.

Note any job brought in is subject to a £30 minimum charge for assessment. Please avoid bringing in devices that you don't intend to have fixed, and see potential costs for jobs below.

Common repair / upgrade work on Desktop PCs -

Software / Data

Software Tune-Up 
Resolving error messages, fixing browser pop-ups or resolving general program issues

£30.00-£60.00 1-2 Days
Windows Reinstall (no backups)
Fresh install of the Windows Operating system (as per your license eg the same version as on before, or with Pro operating systems a downgrade is allowed such as Win 10 Pro to Win 7 Pro). Includes applying latest updates and installing required drivers.

£50.00- £60.00 1-2 Days
Windows Reinstall (with Data Backups)
As above but copying your existing data folders (such as Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Downloads, Steam Game Folders) and restoring those back on to the computer so that your information is retained. Note, this does not allow transfer of programs.

£70.00- £80.00 2-3 Days
Data Transfer
Copy data folders (Documents, Desktop, Photos, Downloads, Steam games etc) from one computer to another. Or to another storage device if provided, or USB Flash drives can be added (typically £5+ for those).

£30.00 1-2 Days
Case old Hard Disk into USB Bay
Remove hard disk from an old or broken desktop PC and fit to a 3.5" USB Enclosure so that data can be accessed from another computer. 

£40.00 1-2 Hours
Additional Program Migration (for Windows reinstall or Data Transfer jobs)
For some applications we can assist with moving your data, for applications like Sage, HMRC PAYE, Outlook. This will still require you to have passwords and login details, but we can install the program again, move data and ensure it's configured for you.

£30.00 per hr + 1-2 Hours
Missing Driver Installation
If you have installed a system yourself but some parts are not working, we will locate and install missing drivers and provide you with a copy of these for future reference. 

£25.00 1-2 Days
Windows Password Removal
Can remove password from a Windows login (this is the Windows user screen only, not a motherboard password or a password for any online account) to allow access to a computer.

Proof of ownership may be required - any suspicion that you are not entitled to the use of the computer (such as a company-owned computer) will mean this service is not offered.
£25.00 1 Day

Desktop Hardware Repairs

Note that the costs below are only carried out with our own hardware being supplied - for instance, if a power supply is needed, we carry out the repair at below rates when selling alongside new hardware. 

Power Supply Fitting
If a system is not starting because of a power supply failure, we can diagnose and install a replacement same-day. Cost is based on Power Supply Price + £25 Installation, PSU required will depend on system components. Requirement may be higher in gaming systems. Includes internal system clean.

£25.00 + PSU Price 1-2 Hours
CPU Cooler Fitting
Replace a failing or inadequate CPU cooler with a new unit. Includes cleaning existing thermal compound, and an internal system clean is provided. This also applies for cleaning a PC and re-pasting the existing cooler. Cost will vary on complexity, with the cost range reflecting that some higher-end air coolers or liquid coolers have more time involved in assembling to the system or may require motherboard removal to install.

£25.00 -£35.00 + Cooler Price 2-4 Hours
Desktop - Internal Clean
Remove dust build up from inside of system for safety and to improve temperatures. Cost ranges depending on regular towers with a couple of fans (assumes needing to remove a few case panels for access) but cost is higher end on systems with radiators or more complex disassembly to gain access to elements needing cleaned.

This service is for typical dust / fluff / hair only - removal of sticky stuff like smoke / vape juice etc is not covered.
£25.00 to £45.00 1-3 Hours
Desktop - Not Starting Diagnosis
If a system is not powering up, we will identify the issue and report back to you. The cost applies to systems / components elsewhere, and does include re-fitting of a working part if you confirm to go ahead and do so.

Note, this is free if the system is comprised fully of parts purchased from our store when there's a fault in a part we have supplied, although remedy work because of user error will still have a charge applied, but we'll try to be as fair as possible with this.

£50.00 1-2 Days
Desktop - Stability Diagnosis
Computer crashing in certain uses such as freezes, reboots or Blue Screen. 

£50.00- £120.00 1-10 Days
Desktop - Hard Disk Replacement
Replace a failing hard disk and reinstall Windows. Prices vary by capacity and where data is to be recovered. Typically, see price of hard disk here + Windows reinstall options above.

From £82.20 1-2 Days

Desktop Upgrades

Note that the costs below are split - we provide lower costs when parts are bought from Kustom for installation, or the higher costs if parts elsewhere. That is, if you give Amazon the business on the parts sales, we need to cover our work costs, but if you buy the parts from us, we can subsidise the installation cost for you. Further, note that failures of parts purchased elsewhere, we can only support to the point of subsequent diagnosis - the customer is responsible for dealing with the respective supplier in the event of failure within warranty if parts bought elsewhere.


  Parts from Kustom Parts from elsewhere  
Graphics Card Installation
Fit and install drivers for a new graphics card. 

£25.00 £30.00 1-2 Hours
Add Additional Hard Disk
Install into the case, supply a data cable and partition / format a new hard disk into a desktop system, when configured as an additional drive. Cost includes a Serial ATA data cable.

£20.00 £30.00 1-2 Hours
Clone Operating System to SSD (general use < 240GB)
Clone your existing Windows install to a faster Solid State Disk. Cost includes a Serial ATA data cable and has your system running as it was, and where physical space allows, your old hard disk will be retained as a second drive, and can be kept retaining your user data folders (Docments, Photos etc)

£40.00 £50.00 1-2 Days
Clone Operating System to SSD (Gaming System > 240GB)
Clone your existing Windows install to a faster Solid State Disk. As option above, but also including moving your Steam / Origin etc folders off the system temporarily, then cloning, then copying game folders back to the original hard disk and setting up the hard disk as the installation folders for game client files.

£50.00 £60.00 2-3 Days
BIOS Update and CPU install
If you have a new CPU but an older motherboard and need the motherboard flashed to accept the new processor. This is offered for free when buying motherboard and processor together from us, or £10.00 if buying processor alone. £25.00 is chargable if your CPU / board are from another retailer.

£0.00-£10.00 £25.00 1-2 Hours
Motherboard Upgrade
Replace motherboard, or motherboard / CPU / processor on an existing PC. Includes Windows configuration / driver updates and a general system tune up.

£60.00 £90.00 1-3 Days
Processor Overclock
When allowed by hardware (that is, with a suitable processor, motherboard and cooler) we find an optimum setting for processor speed and ensure it passes stability tests.

£25.00 £35.00 2-3 Days
Case Transplant 
Move your desktop PC to a new casing - to improve cooling, looks or just because your old one has taken a kick too many. Includes cleaning parts and neat cable management. Cost range depends on cooling type - air-cooled systems at the lower end, and systems with all-in-one liquid coolers or soft-hose watercooling loops are a slightly higher cost.

£40.00-£70.00 £60.00-£90.00  
Full Desktop Build (Hardware Only)
Assemble all parts for a desktop PC but not including operating system / software install, so system is tested with our spare disk only. A clean build with neat cable management is included. All parts checked for stability.

£95.00 £145.00 2-4 Days
Full Desktop Build (Hardware + Software Install)
Assemble all parts for a desktop PC (as above), install and configure Windows and your choice of applications. Backup recovery image is provided along the system to be restored to original condition easily. A clean build with neat cable management is included. All parts checked and where possible includes an overclock on the processor.

£130.00 £180.00 2-4 Days