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AquaComputer Fillport

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G1/4 Threads
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For systems using horizontal aquatube or aquabox reservoirs, FillPort makes the system easier to fill.

What is special about this Fillport is that it has two ports. One of the two hoses should be connected to the highest compensation container (eg aquatube / aquabox upper bore), the second at a lower point with a T-piece or to a hole below the reservoir. With the included spray bottle then the system can easily be filled by the lower point with the associated integrated hole is made and shall be filled as long as until the desired level of compensation has been achieved in the tank.

The Fillport is mounted to an approximately 37mm wide hole in the housing and, of course, uses a lock nut for easy assembly. Made of Delrin, the housing uses G1/4" Threads.

Fillport (Delrin type)
Plug G1 / 2
Spray bottle

Diameter 44 mm, height 44 mm
largest diameter of the lock nut: approx 62 mm
Hexagon socket cap screw 10 mm

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