S13 Primochill Tubing PrimoFlex Pro 13/10 (3/8"ID) Blue

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Short description:
3/8" Tubing
Priced per metre

Primochill tubing, a true upgrade for your system!

This hose is suitable even for your next ambitious modding project as well as for any other watercooling system, from entry level to enthusiast.
The colouration is bright and very bright under UV light, just whar any Casemodder wants for the system.
But the handling is also an aspect which was considered: The hose is flexible and smooth, which makes it easy to use with any fitting type as well as easy to connect with tight radiuses.
The hose kinks only under extremely tight radiuses, which allows for many new connection possibilities.

This hose is made from highly flexible PVC. The use of this soft material makes it very easy to handle and install, even on compression fittings the union nut can easily be tightened. A great advantage of this hose is the possibility to install it at very tight radiuses, even without the use of an anti-kinking spring. The hose has an outstandingly long lifespan and does not stain or change colour even when used for a long time.

Technical specifications:
Hose colour: UV-reactive blue
Dimensions: 13mm outer diameter
10mm inner diameter
Material: PVC

Order quantity = hose length in meters

Fitting Size:
3/8"ID (13mm/10mm)
Hose Material:
PVC Hose

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