Monsoon Silver Bullet Antimicrobial G1/4 Plug Blue

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Short description:
Plated with 99.9% pure silver.

Hard core water coolers have long known that no fluid cools as efficiently as pure water and that every chemical additive that goes into the fluid displaces pure waterùtaking a little bit of that efficiency with it. Top efficiency is great in theory, but we all know what happens to water after a while, no matter how pure it is. Green gunk grows in it making our beautiful cooling loops look like that sad little fish tank at the dentist's office.

The proven antimicrobial action of silver is a great solution for keeping your cooling loop as pristine as the day you installed it--but the coils are a pain to install, look bad in your reservoir, and can sometimes migrate into areas where they don't belong. They also require you to crack open your loop when it comes time to replace themùanother case of the cure being almost as bad as the problem.

Monsoon has taken the proven microbe killing power of silver and plated it onto a patent pending reservoir plug that is better looking, easier to install, stays where you put it, and is painless to replace, usually without requiring you to break down your loop.

Installation and Usage:

Build your loop as you normally would. Fill it with a quality third party fluid--pure high quality distilled or deionized water. Install the Monsoon Silver Bullet Plug in any port on your reservoir that will place the pin in good contact with your fluid and in an area with circulation using a coin or screwdriver.

The silver on your Silver Bullet Antimicrobial Plug will eventually tarnish to a black colorùthis is normal for silver and just lets you know it is doing what it is supposed to be doing--interacting with the fluid in your loop and killing microbes. The effective life of your plug will vary based on loop size, initial water quality, computer usage patterns, etc.; but generally, we recommend replacing your Silver Bullet Plugs every 6 to 12 months. Down the road, if you're not sure, just leave your original Silver Bullet installed and add a new one to another available port. Then in another 6 to 12 months, replace the original plug. Keep rotating a new one on that schedule.

Fits any industry standard G1/4 BSPP reservoir port.
Easy to install, check, and replace when needed.
Plated with 99.9% pure silver.
Fins increase surface area to 518 square mm.
No flow restriction.
Tool free radial slot uses a coin to tighten.
Packaged with an easy to remove rubber anti-tarnish cover.
Easily increase protection in larger systems by adding another plug.
High quality 2.4mm thick silicone O ring.
An inexpensive, elegant, high performance solution to microbe killing.
Patent Pending.
Thread: G 1/4
Silver Coating: 99%
Total Length: 24mm
Installed Length: 20mm


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