Alphacool HT 13mm Compression Fitting G1/4 Chrome

(£4.99 inc VAT)
Short description:
Alphacool HardTube Fitting for 13/10 Tubing

Alphacool's HT screw-on fittings are a true masterpiece, providing absolute tightness and the highest possible quality.

Suitable for all hard tubes (plexi or metal) with an outer diameter of 13mm, and inserts into any G1/4 thread.

For installation, first we put the nut on the pipe, followed by a plastic disc which protects the o-ring, and then the thick o-ring itself. The tube is then easily inserted into the port where already the second o-ring is seated. The final step, the nut is pushed and screwed to complete the assembly. It is best to secure the nut using an 8mm allen wrench to ensure the tightest connection.

Can be used with female angle adapters to provide angled connections for hard tubing installations.

Includes 1 x 13mm Fitting Assembly.


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