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Acousti Products Anti-vibration 92mm Black Gasket

(£5.40 inc VAT)
Short description:
Vibration Dampening Kit

Fitting Recommendations

Animation showing a vibration-reducing silicone fan gasket fitted to a standard case cooling fan, and fastened into position with a screw and external silicone washer.

These gaskets are suitable for the vast majority of case designs and fan combinations, as they fit standard fan mounting holes. Slightly lengthened (12mm thread) fan mounting screws are supplied with the fan gaskets and washers. These gaskets can be used with standard PC cooling fans, and not just with AcoustiFan™ quiet case fans.

Quick Fitting Steps

  1. Fit the fan gasket onto the outside of the fan housing (it will stay on the fan)
  2. Position the fan and gasket together against the inside of the case, so that the four mounting holes in the fan and gasket line up to the mounting holes in the case side
  3. Locate the four silicone washers and screws, and fit the washers against the case side, each secured by a screw
  4. Tighten the screws enough to very slightly compress the silicone rubber. Do not over-tighten.

Warning!Please Note: Do not use these gaskets in very high temperature locations inside a PC/Server such as attached to a CPU cooler or GPU heat sinks! These gaskets are designed to be used against case side panels.



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