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AcoustiFan DustPROOF Fan 80mm

(£12.00 inc VAT)
Short description:
RPM : 500 - 1600rpm

Noise : <10 - 15.6dBA
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Note : Current stock operate at 7v and 12v only. 5v operation will not function, revised models are expected at end of July 2011

A NEW range of premium quality, ultra-quiet dust-tolerant multi-application cooling fans for PCs. These fans have been designed to be quiet and stay quiet!
They also come with a 3-speed fan cable accessory providing a choice of 3 speeds, 4-pin connectivity. No harmful dust ingress means that dust stays out of the
motor, bearings and fan circuitry to help keep the fan quiet, cool and prolong it's lifetime.

Product Highlights

  • Virtually silent - designed to BE QUIET
  • Sealed motor prevents noise due to dust
  • Very high quality, extra-long life (over
    6.5 yrs)
  • Includes

    3-speed fan cable
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Supplied with

    4 FREE Ultra Soft Fan Mounts

DustPROOF Series Technical Specifications

Acoustiproducts are committed to publishing accurate and truthful noise level data - taken directly from acoustic testing reports to recognised International Test Standards. At 1m distance in the average home/office environment noise levels below 10dBA will be difficult to discern above normal background noise levels.

Fan Dimensions mm 80x80x25
Connector Type 3-pin (from m'board), OR 4-pin (from PSU)
using 3-Speed Fan Cable
Included Accessories - 3-Speed Fan Cable, 4 x Tie Wraps & 4 x Screws
Life Expectancy (at 25?C) - 60,000hrs (6.85yrs)

(Airflow / Noise Level / Rotation speed)

Full speed 12V DC = 19.9cfm / 15.6dBA / 1600rpm
Medium speed 7.5V DC = 11.7cfm / <10dBA / 1,000rpm
Low speed 5V DC = 5.7cfm / <10dBA / 500rpm

"[Acousti Products'] AcoustiFan DustPROOF fans are incredibly quiet. With the ability to protect the motor from dust, they will certainly last longer, possibly making them worth the expense." A True Review.

LINK http://www.atruereview.com/acoustifan/index.php

"The fans felt solid and heavy compared to the stock fans I am replacing. AcoustiFan has designed these fans to last."
Overall Rating 9.5/10 Darren, Club Overclocker.

LINK http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/fans/AcoustiFan/index.htm

"As far as performance, the DustPROOF fans I used both provided ample air flow, and without a doubt were much quieter than my cases stock fans." Rich, Legit Reviews.

LINK http://www.legitreviews.com/article.php?aid=220&pid=1

Connector Type:
3-pin with Molex

Case Fans

Blade Colour:
Fan Size:
LED Lighting:
Noise Level:

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