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Lenovo Replica Charger 90W, 7.9 x 5.5mm Tip

(£16.80 inc VAT)
Short description:
20v, 4.5A = 90W
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  • Note: The list of compatible models below are a guide only. Please ensure the AC Adapter meets ALL the specifications of your original AC Adapter ie Wattage, Voltage, Amperage and tip size. If you have any doubt contact your Notebook manufacturer

    Compatible Part Number:

  • Liteon PA-1600-02 / Liteon PA-1600-05 / Liteon PA-1600-07
  • Toshiba PA3032U-1ACA / PA3097U-1ACA / PA3032E-1ACA / PA3097E-1ACA/ Toshiba PA3097U-1ACA
  • Compaq 298239-001, Compaq LE-9702A+, Compaq 177624-001, Compaq
  • 177626-001, Compaq 180675-001, Compaq 180676-001, Compaq 198713-001,
  • Compaq 198714-001, Compaq 208190-001, Compaq 222113-001, Compaq
  • 298237-001, Compaq CQPS1200
  • NEC AC-C10
  • HP 0950-3634, HP F1781A, HP F1454A, HP F4814A, HP ADP-75FB

    Compatible Laptop Model:
  • IBM ThinkPad T60, X60, R60 and Z60 Series
  • IBM ThinkPad LENOVO Series : Z60m,Z60t, 3000, C100, N100, V100
Connector Size:
7.9 x 5.5

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