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WPPS80C Automotive Mini-ATX

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Complete Car PC Solution !
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The WPPS80C Mini-ATX is a true six-output 80W DC-DC converter with an ITX form factor that can operate
from an automobile 13.8v battery source. 170(L) x 90(W) x 41(H) mm enclosure. 2 x Hard Disc drives, 2 x
Floppy Disc Drives and + 5v for fans / signals.

Input Voltage 10.8V DC to 26V DC (+/- 5%)
Input Current 9A at 12V DC
Efficiency 80%
Typical Operation
As a typical car voltage is between 13.4V and 14.5V DC, a regulated 12V supply is necessary to operate an ITX/ATX DCDC
converter. The device can withstand the wide battery voltage tolerances of between 7V and up to 20V. The
Automotive Converter is designed to operate directly from a battery source of an automobile to provide all the required
output voltages.
The input is protected from reverse polarity protection, in case the power leads are accidentally reverse connected. A
Polyfuse will protect against currents in excess of 9A. To protect against potential battery start up voltages is high as 18-
20V DC an over-voltage protection circuit is built into the supply.
The Input circuitry controls the timing and sends a signal to the power switch mosfet controling the motherboard ON/OFF
switch based on the status of the ignition key. This circuit provides the switching to the main power line. When used
alone, it can switch currents in excess of 20A.
The PS-ON input circuit triggers the motherboard ON/OFF switch for soft start/stop sequences. The PS-ON is activated 5
seconds after the ignition circuit is switched ON and 10 seconds after it is switched OFF. The Automotive Converter will
not operate if the ignition is OFF. When the ignition is switched on, the input sequencer waits for 3-4 seconds then turns
on the 12V rail, allowing the battery to reach a stable output voltage. After 1 second the micro chip controller sends the
ON signal to the motherboard via the two Red and Black wires which connect to the motherboard ON/OFF pins. The
motherboard will then turn ON and the system should start booting.
With the ignition OFF the Automotive Converter waits for about 5 seconds and begins to turn the motherboard OFF, by
sending a signal to the motherboard ON/OFF switch. Your computer will turn off gracefully with the built in shutdown
procedure. Power will be available for a further 45 seconds. In the event of a shutdown process being left hanging, the
power will be shutdown hard, turning off the computer to prevent battery drain.


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