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Antec NE1000GM 1000W White PSU Fully Modular Power Supply 80Plus Gold

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ATX V3.x
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1000W ATX Power Supply, 80Plus Gold
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Introducing our NE1000G M White ATX 3.0 power supply, designed with the ultimate performance and stability in mind for the gaming and enthusiast market. With advanced features like ATX 3.0 and high-quality JP capacitors, unparalleled stability, and 80 PLUS® Gold-certified efficiencies, you can expect peak performance from your system. The PhaseWave™ Design ensures steady power output, while the 120mm FDB Silence Fan offers quiet cooling. The power supply is also 100% Modular, allowing for easy cable management and customization. The Zero RPM Manager enables advanced thermal control, ensuring the optimal balance between silent operation and efficient cooling. The CircuitShield™ suite of industrial-grade protections provides safe and reliable power delivery in any environment. The NE1000G M White ATX 3.0 is the perfect choice for building a reliable and efficient PC system for gamers and professionals alike.

Dimensions W D H
150mm 140mm 86mm
ATX Spec ATX v3.0 / PCIE 5.0
Efficency 80Plus Gold -Up to 92%
Fan 120mm FDB Silent Fan
Connectors Molex Floppy SATA
4 0 12
PCI-E M.board AUX
4 x 6/8Pin
1 x 12VHPWR
20/24 2 x 4/8 Pin
Output Current +3.3v +5v +12v
20A 20A 83A
-12v -+5vsb 12v Rails
0.3A 3.0A 1
+3.3v & 5v Power 120W
+12v Power 996W
-12v Power 3.6W
+5vsb Power 15W
Total Power 1000W
Input Voltage 100-240V
Modular Fully Modular
Motherboard Cable Lengths  61cm for 24pin, 65cm for CPU 8pin
ATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0 Compatible
Our new NEG M ATX 3.0 Series power supplies meet the high standards of the ATX 3.0 standard for reliability and power efficiency, which are formally certified for ATX 3.0 compliance, ensuring the utmost level of quality and performance. The included PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cable enables seamless compatibility with modern graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Series.
High-Quality JP Capacitors
Equipped with high-quality JP capacitors, our power supplies achieve unprecedented tight voltage regulation and minimal ripple and noise, maximizing your system's performance.
PhaseWave TM Design
Introducing our PhaseWave™ Design, a server-classLLC design featuring synchronous rectification based on a DC-DC topology. This design ensures unparalleled power delivery efficiency and stability for your system.
The full suite of industrial-grade protections ensuring the safety and reliability of your power supply in any situation.
10-Year Warranty
The new PSU line from Antec pushes the standard for excellence with the circuit shield suite of industrial protections and is backed by a 10-year warranty.
Zero RPM Manager
With the Zero RPM fan mode, our PSU ensures a longer lifespan and quieter operation. The thermal sensors activate the fan only when necessary, providing optimal cooling while minimizing noise levels.
120mm FDB Silent Fan
The whisper-quiet, 120mm fluid-dynamic bearing (FDB) fan provides high airflow with the durability and longevity that is a signature of Antec quality.
Full Modular Cable Management
Allows users to use only the necessary cables and eliminates excess cables that can obstruct and reduce airflow for improved cooling performance.
Compact Size
Compared to typical power supplies on the market, it is smaller in size and can be used with a wider range of computer cases.
Form Factor:
Depth / Length:
ATX Standard:
ATX V3.x
ATX12V Connections:
2 x 8 pin
Cable Configuration:
Fully Modular
80 Plus Gold (92%)
PCI-E 5.0 12VHPWR 16-pin:
1 x 16-pin 12VHPWR
PCI-E Connections 6/8-pin:
4 x 6/8pin
SATA Power:

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