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Akasa AK-LD06-50RB Vegas MBW Magnetic RGBW 5-pin LED strip

(£15.00 inc VAT)
Short description:

RGBW Light strip, 50cm, Ideal for Gigabyte Aura Sync


Magnetic LED strip light
• Support RGBW strip light pin header
• Designed for motherboard control
• Bright, flexible & reusable
Ideal for Gigabyte Aura Sync Motherboards
Installation Magnetic attachment
Current rating for LED 0.70A (max)
Voltage rating for LED 12V DC
Length 50cm (without connectors)
Number of LEDs 30
Number of magnets 9
Power connector 5-pin RGBW connector or molex 4 pin connector (adapter cable)
Product code AK-LD06-50RB

Contents - 

4 pin Molex power adapter cable

LED 4pin male to male connector

LED 5pin male to male connector

LED Adapter Cable

Q1: What are the 4 included adapters cables (LED 4-pin header, LED 5-pin header, LED adapter cable, and Power adapter cable) used for?
  1./ 5-pin header is used to connect Akasa AK-LD06-50RBLED strips together.
2./ Adapter cable is used to extend the Akasa AK-LD06-50RBLED strip from the motherboard connector.
3./ 4-pin header is used to connect with the power adapter cable
4./ Power adapter cable is used if no RGB/RGBW header is available on the motherboard. Note, the default colour is blue.
LED Lights - Colour:

LED Lighting

LED Lights - Connection:
  • RGB - Gigabyte
LED Lights - Length:
LED Lights - Mounting:
Flexible Magnetic

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