Lamptron Lighted Switch (Latched) 16mm Silver / Blue Ring

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Short description:
Vandal Resistant Style

This latched on/off switch is the ideal new switch for modding enthusiasts. When turned on, the ring around the push button illuminates in the specified color. Easy to install and will fit on a regular 5.25 drive cover or wherever you chose to mount it.This extensive range of vandal resistant security switches are designed for use in potentially hostile environments, such as access control applications or, in the case of modders, to power up devices in the system by joining the 12v circuit (eg fans or lights)Features:* Front Panel Mounting* Ring Illuminated* 16mm diameter* S.P. Push to Make* 50mA, 24V dc contact rating Switch* Bright Daylight LEDs* Separate LED Terminals

NOTE: LED is rated for 3 / 5 / 12v Input. Higher voltages are not tolerated.  Specifications:* Terminations: /28 (2.8mm tabs)* Switching: S.P. Push to make, tactile S.P. / Latched Switch* Max. Rating: 50mA, 24V d.c. switch* Contact Resistance: <100m?º?™* Insulation Resistance: >103 M?º?™* Dielectric Strength: Contact to Panel >2.0kV* Contact to Contact 1500V Contact* Operating Temp. Range: .30?í?åC to +70?í?åC* Sealing (Front of panel only): Protection Classification: IP66 EN60529Recommended Mounting Hole Size : 15.0-16.0 mm

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