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Phobya 6Pin Extension Individually Sleeved 30cm Black

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Short description:
Extension cable for 6pin PCI-E
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This cable is used to bridge even longer distances from the power supply to graphics card. Especially if you want to keep their system free of a Kabelwirwar, this cable is ideal to ensure a clean interior.

Sleeving "new generation":
This generation was the development of advanced again, and it was every cable individually sleeved!

Optically here once a I-Tüfelchen was set, in which case again has a better track. want the overarching network, which wrapped around the actual cable is very thick and offers exactly the effect which the Profisleever: complete reorganization of the cable in order to emphasize the uniqueness of its system even better! Special attention was paid to the combination of the cable jacket (the sleeve), and the plug of the shrink tubing, that they form a single image.

Phobyas goal is to give amateur and professional Casemodder here a little way to come forward. Sleeving is like a lot of work and costs a lot of time, so you can now convert to the wires of Phobya its complete system so as you would like to, just by simply changing cables.

Technical details:
Connections: 6 pin extension
Color: black sleeve, black plugs, black shrink tubing
Dimensions: 30cm
RoHS Compliant
1x 6 pin power extension Phobya single Sleeving 30cm - Black


Braiding - Colour:
  • Black

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