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*Used* Lian Li PC-7 Case - Anodised Blood Red / Window / Fan Controller

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Ex-Display Case
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This is a Lian Li PC-7 case - it has a few unique modifications but is not in great condition, so sold on the basis of being a project basis.

Case has been fitted with a custom shaped curved acrylic window. Admittedly, this had been pushed in at some point so is now duck-taped on the inside, but it's absolutely solid and well, it works!

The case was fully stripped and anodised / polished in blood red colour. It's travelled a bit, and does have a few marks on it so isn't perfect, but overall the appearance is quite striking and unique. Not concours, but at least has good impact.

As part of this, a Lian Li drive bezel was cut out to house the Lamptron fan controller so that it looks flush. The top 2 fan holes were cut prior to anodising, so that the finish continues right around the edge. A slatted grill is added and 3 x 120mm fans fitted in the case - red LEDs on front, with blue LED fans on top.

A C-02 drive bay bezel has been anodised to stealth the optical bay. A DVD drive is installed but it's faulty, and just in place to be able to demonstrate the tray opening. Any other drive can be swapped in place if required.

A Lamptron white LED strip is installed at the base of the case.

Because the system once housed a reservoir in the lower bay area, there's no hard disk bays in the system - these have all been removed and their location is admittedly unknown. The 3.5" bezels were cut to allow reservoir in place and will need to be glued back to the front panel.

This case would make a great basis for an ultimate retro build - it demonstrates a typical halo PC look of the mid 2000s so is an ideal project case for that. The case build / modification costs were near £500 (about half of that being the anodising) but we're offering this pretty cheap since it's not in showroom condition.

Any inspection welcome if you want to pop in to the shop to see.


Case Slim Optical Bay:

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