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Dream Machines DM1 S2 Matte Mouse

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PMW3360 Optical Sensor, Up to 12000dpi
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Dream Machines DM1 S2

After 4 years, we're back with an upgraded model of one of your favorite mice - DM1 Pro S.
The new DM1 S2 mouse; the new and improved successor to the DM1 Pro S!

This model gives you everything that you love about DM1 Pro S - shape, sensor and mode of action, but it now has the updated features that you have asked for. We listened to you and your needs and always want to give you gaming mice that meet all of our gaming requirements.

Dimensions W D H
68mm 126mm 39mm
Weight 85g without Cable
Weight Adjustment No
Cable Length 1.8m shoelace Cable
Scroll Wheel 2 way
Top Buttons 4 buttons (including scroll)
Side Buttons 2 (left)
Technology Optical PMW3360
DPI 400, 800, 2400, 4800, 12000 dpi
DPI Adjustment Switch on top to adjust DPI
Customisation DPI Steps


The DM1 S2 includes the amazing PixArt PMW3360 sensor - it not only increases the maximum mouse speed to as much as 7 m/s but also increases the DPI range to 12,000. We are confident that everyone who uses this gaming mouse will be blown away by its operation. But that's not everything! Thanks to PixArt PWM3360, you can use our mouse on a larger number of different surfaces. The surface imaging algorithm is so accurate that it works even on shiny pads. Also, DM1 S2 has been adapted in such a way as to perfectly mirror the movement - even when raising and lowering the mouse, regardless of its angle. Your cursor will never go crazy on the screen again. This gaming mouse provides incredible control and precision that you can rely on.


We have invested a great deal of time and effort to optimize the PCB making sure that delays are maximally reduced. Similar to DM1 Pro S - the S2 model has a polling rate set at 1000 Hz and LOD at ~ 1.8-2.0 mm. DM1 S2 is equipped with the best components available on the market, making it a gaming mouse that will allow you to crush virtual opponents.


We decided to leave the matte-rubber finish on the DM1 S2 gaming mouse because people loved the extraordinary comfort and firm grip.
Large Teflon sliders are there to keep the mouse in absolute control. We know that after frequent use of the mouse the sliders can wear off, so we decided to add extra set in the box. Sometimes they can come in handy, as we all know of cases where people lose track of the extra sliders.
DM1 S2 Evo also has a shoelace cable beloved by all gamers! The cable is extremely flexible and virtually imperceptible when playing. It's the perfect combination of all the best features in a wireless and wired mouse put together in the new Evo mouse!


We focused on the mouse design to include features that make sure that you have full freedom and precision of operation…to make you a winner.

  • LOD: We set the LOD value to 1.8 mm as it is the optimal setting for most players. If this value were even a little higher, the mouse would follow when it should not do so. We wanted the mouse to move quickly and accurately, nothing more.
  • Acceleration: We decided to disable acceleration- why? Acceleration is a great choice for office workers whose mice are designed to move from the center of the screen to its edges as soon as possible. As already mentioned -a great thing. It's just that players do require precision. In games, you need to be sure how far your cursor can move. This ignorance is a 'matter of life and death” in the virtual world.
  • Prediction: Like acceleration, prediction is a cool thing for people whose activity related to using the mouse ends in Paint. But if you are a player, you want even the slightest left or right movement to be visible on the screen.
    Smoothing: This is another of the amenities aimed at compensating for sensor movement and hiding any delays. Of course, in the case of DM1 S2 delays are negligible, close to zero, which is why we do not need smoothing that could distract players. To put it simply - the only movement you will see is the movement you make yourself.

Unlock new opportunities

The DM1 S2 software opens up a full range of modifications. From now on you can change your DPI to the way you like it. Is polling rate too high by default? It's easy, change it with two clicks. Do you have your favorite color that is not on the mouse or is assigned to another DPI? No problem! The new software, a completely new experience.
Wired - USB
Depth / Length:


Mice Left Side Buttons:
Mice Right Side Buttons:
Mice Sensor Type:
Mice Top Buttons:
Mice Total Buttons:
Mouse Max DPI:
Mouse Orientation:
Mouse Scroll Wheel:
Mouse Sensor Model:
PMW 3360
Mouse Weight:

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