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Game Max Illuminated Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Bundle

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Short description:
Keyboard and 2000dpi Mouse
Blue / Red / Purple Lighting
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Backlit keyboard and mouse combo, enableing the use while in low light or dark conditions! The keyboard comes equipped with 4 different settings for the backlight LEDs, Red, Blue, Purple or off. The keys on the keyboard are laser cut, so no more key labelling being rubbed off due to excessive use. The mouse is also has a 3 colour backlit logo. With a choice of 3 different settings for the mouse resolution (800/1600/2000), giving the user the option to choose between speed and precision.

Key Features

    • Cool backlit keyboard and mouse - LED lighting to both keyboard and mouse, help to use the devices in low light or dark conditions!
    • Keyboard with Multiple LED Colours - Choose from Red, Blue or Purple LED, or turn LED off entirely at the touch of a button
    • Ergonomic design - Ergonomic design for the keyboard and mouse
    • Spill-resistant design
    • Mouse - Dominate the game with comfort - The ergonomic shape allows precise fingertip grips or comfortable palm grips to keep you comfortable while you focus on the game at hand.


Keyboard Dimensions: 493 x 210 x 36mm
Keyboard Weight: 0.814Kg
Mouse Dimensions: 77 x 118 x 38mm
Mouse weight: 0.095Kg
LED Colours: Red, Blue, Purple
OS Compatability: Windows XP - 10 & Linux

New features

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