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Tesoro Durandal eSport Edition Red / Black Mix *Sale*

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Cherry MX Red and Black Switches, UK Key Layout
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Tesoro Durandal Ultimate eSPORT Edition is a mechanical keyboard that will give you whole new gaming experience. Each key of this keyboard has its own mechanical switch that lasts for more than 50 million keystrokes. This keyboard is equipped with two sets of switches, each set has a different actuation force.

Tesoro Durandal Ultimate eSPORT Edition not only lets you enjoy your favorite games more but will improve the ambience of your gaming lair with its crimson red and bright white LED illumination.

Durandal Ultimate eSPORT Edition bears two types of Cherry MX switches. They have a differend design. Thus, different behavior. The zone illuminated with white LEDs is equipped with Cherry MX Black witches. The red area is purely Cherry MX Red zone.

Cherry MX Red

Pros only. Lowered actuation force.

  • No click
  • No feedback

Cherry MX Black

Smooth and balanced, with a heavy weight.

  • No click
  • No feedback

Dimensions :
width 455mm
length 206mm
height 43.4mm

Weight: 1.4kg
Key lifespan: 50 million keystrokes
Multimedia keys: 6
Connection: USB and Audio Pass-through
USB Hub:2 x USB 2.0 Ports
Cable length: 1.55m
Profiles: 5
Macro Keys: 50




All key rollover

Full N-Key Rollover is an advanced anti-ghosting technology that allows for multiple simultaneous key actuations. This makes you more agile when in the game.

USB hub

This keyboard has a 2 port USB Hub and two audio ports for your headset and mic.


This keyboard features 128 Kb of onboard memory for easy macro storage.

Double color Illumination

Durandal Ultimate eSPORT Edition is equipped with LEDs of two colors. The red-and-white illumination will make your battlestation even more alluring.

Braided cable

The keyboard’s thick braided cable is protected from mechanical damage and will endure your hardest battles.


Durandal Ultimate can be configured to store 10 sets of macros for each of 5 gaming profiles. The macros can be bound to any key.



Wired - USB
Keyboard Form Factor:
Full Size
Keyboard Keycap Material:
Keyboard Layout:
Keyboard Macro Keys:
Keyboard OS :
  • Windows
Keyboard Switch Brand:
Keyboard Switch Type:
Keyboard USB Hub:
2 USB 2.0
Keyboard Wrist Rest:
Detachable Wrist Rest

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