Ducky Pocket Mechanical Keyboard Calculator Red

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Cherry MX Red Switches

Black Casing. Calculator / Numpad / Macro Functions



PBT Double-Shot and R5 profile Keycaps - Ducky Pocket adapts the PBT Double-Shot backlighting keycaps and adds R5 Profile. Therefore, improving the overall quality of lighting transmission and typing experience.

A variety of colourful RGB backlighting modes – 100% Full backlighting, Breathing, Colour Cycling, Wave and Rain Drop mode. Allows users to adjust RGB backlighting colour and decrease / increase speed.

Ducky Pocket Macro – Ducky Pocket Macro V1.0 provides replacement of key codes, multimedia function keys and special function key features.

Cherry MX RGB switches – Ducky uses only genuine Cherry MX switches with a life cycle of over 50 million key presses. Standard cross-shaped allows users to easily replace keycaps.

Detachable cable – Detachable Micro USB cable for convenience. • LCB Backlit panel – 2-in-1 LCD panel – General display and backlighting support.

USB N-Key Rollover - Under USB, the Ducky Pocket can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situations knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issues.

Two-stage feet - Ducky Pocket with a new design that provides two-stage angle and is different from the traditional monolithic feet.

Support Battery Mode – In battery mode, Ducky Pocket will lock on calculator mode and turn off all backlighting.

• Type: Mechanical Keyboard
• Switch Type: Switch Cherry MX Red RGB Switches
• LED Colour: RGB
• Keycaps material: PBT
• Legend printing: Double-Shot
• Dimension: 162 x 95 x 41 mm
• Weight: 280g

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Wired - USB
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Number Pad
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