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Powercool MECH1 Mechanical Feel Keyboard 7 Colours

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Film Switch Keyboard with UK Key Layout
7 Colour Selection
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7 back-lit LED colours

Choose from Green, Blue, Red, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or White to light up your keyboard. You can also turn the LED off completely at the touch of a button.

Application Range

The keyboard has 104 mechanical feel KEYS, up to 19 keys can be pressed simultaneously conflict-free.

Comfortable keys

Mechanical shaft adopts POM material and liquid silicone without the need for any added lubricating oil, giving better mechanical resilience and lubricating effect.

Strong Structure

With the metal base and the strong keycap structure, this allows the Mech-1 to be a very robust keyboard.

Water Resistant

The Mech-1 is design to be more water resistant than most keyboards, with it suspension structured design for the PCB, which hold the PCB above the back plate of the keyboard, with a fully water-proof conductive film. The increased size of the guide holes on the base plate, allow for an almost water-proof feel.
If water is accidentally spilled onto the keyboard, there should be no harm to the keyboard in functionality.

Key Features

    • High quality film switch
    • Human ergonomic outer design
    • 7 colours high-backlight luxury gaming keyboard
    • Quickly control each function on the keyboard
    • Win-Lock Key to disable / enable the Windows Key


System support: Win2000, Windows XP, Win ME, Vista, Windows 7, doing, Android, Linux, Mac OS
Cable: 1.8m braided cable
LED Colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red
Materials: ABS+METAL
Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 432mm x 34mm x 137mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight (KGs): 0.98 KGs

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