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Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel / Pedals

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Short description:
High Quality wheel with pedals supporting GT or F1 style mounting
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The new benchmark force feedback wheel!
Realistic Simulator, with official GRAN TURISMO®5 & PlayStation® Licences.
Compatible with PC* & PS3?.

  • Realistic wheel
    • Authentic wheel:
      • 30cm (12?) in diameter with brushed metal central spokes
      • Detachable (allows for future upgrades)
    • Authentic sequential gearshift levers: crafted of brushed metal, attached to the base (so they don?t move with the wheel)
      • 17cm in height (for instant access along 1080°)
  • Precision, Force Feedback & realistic angle of rotation
    • New H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology?(*) on the wheel?s steering:
      • Ultra-precise wheel, with 16-bit resolution (65536 values on the steering)!
      • Precision that won?t decrease over time (contactless magnetic sensor)
    • Force Feedback with industrial motor (Torque 150mNm, 3000rpm, 65W, Ø 52mm/2?)
      • Super-powerful, quick responding Force Feedback mechanism
      • Rigid motorized stopper, no matter what angle of rotation you select
    • Mechanism with large dual belts (fluid and smooth action)
    • Angle of rotation adjustable up to 1080° (3 full turns)!


  • Realistic pedal set
    • Unique design(**) with your choice of 2 positions:
      • Floor-mounted position (F1-style)
      • Suspended position (GT-style)
    • 100% metal, for optimal stability, weight (more than 7 kgs) and resistance
    • 3 100% adjustable pedals (spacing between the pedals/height)
    • Brake pedal with reinforced and adjustable resistance (included and removable ?Realistic Brake? mod)
    • Included metal footrest with non-slip grating texture
  • (*) The PC drivers required to operate the T500_RS racing wheel are available for download on our technical support web site (
  • (**) Patent pending.

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