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Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller

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Wired Controller for Xbox 360 or PC
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The Razer DeathAdder was released in 2006 and is still to date, the world?s best-selling gaming mouse, used by countless pro-gamers in the circuit as their de facto gaming mouse. For its combination of ergonomics and precision, the Razer DeathAdder has become legend. - See more at:

The Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 is the supercharged successor to the award-winning Razer Onza. Now, it has been restructured with even more customizability and control options in an all new, rugged design that doesn?t compromise comfort.

An unprecedented six additional multi-function buttons ? two at the shoulders and two removable rocking switches at the bottom of the controller ? allow you to react to any situation or enemy instantaneously by putting more power right at your fingertips. The Razer Sabertooth lets you reconfigure your choice of buttons elsewhere on the controller to any of the six multi-function buttons.

With an integrated OLED screen on the Razer Sabertooth, you get ease of customizability over the controller?s multitude of features. From programming the multi-function buttons, to adjusting the analog stick?s sensitivity, and creating profiles, you?ll be setting the controller up just the way you want it.

The best professional gamers are masters of their equipment, not the other way round. The Razer Sabertooth was made to make sure you?re perfectly set up for winning.


Six additional fully-programmable buttons
The Razer Sabertooth is no ordinary controller, as it features six additional buttons ? two at the shoulders and two removable rocking switches at the bottom of the controller. Reconfigure controls found elsewhere on the controller to these multi-function buttons ergonomically positioned right at your fingertips. This design increases actuation speed, reduces fatigue, and encourages natural hand posturing for a more precise and comfortable gaming experience.

Forged for improved reliability and mobility
The Razer Sabertooth has been designed from the ground up to cater to the demanding needs of gamers. From the selection of materials used for the buttons, triggers and analog sticks, to the stringent quality control checks, processes are put in place to ensure that the Razer Sabertooth continues to dominate, game after game. Also featured is a fully detachable, lightweight cable that securely screws onto the controller, and an included carrying case to take it everywhere you go without worrying about cable breakage. OLED for ease of customizability
With a built-in OLED screen, the Razer Sabertooth allows ease of customizability over the controller?s multitude of features. Program the multi-function buttons, adjust the analog stick?s sensitivity and save profiles; whatever you choose to modify, the display will visualize your preferences.


2 shoulder multi-function buttons (MFB)
4 removable multi-function buttons (MFT)
4 backlit Hyperesponse action buttons
OLED screen for feature customization
Non-slip rubber surface
Quick-release USB connector
Detachable 10 ft/3m lightweight braided fiber cable
Carrying case
2.5mm microphone jack
Approximate size : 110mm / 4.33? (Length) x 154mm / 6.06? (Width) x 57mm / 2.24? (Height)
Approximate weight: 288g / 0.63 lbs

System Requirements

Xbox 360®/ Xbox 360® S or PC
With a free USB 2.0 port

Windows® 8/ Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP (32-bit)


New features


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