Steelseries Siberia 150 Headset USB

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List price: £39.99
Short description:
Includes Microphone. PC / Mac / PS4
Adjustable Lighting Colour
Connection Type USB (Windows, OSX, PS4)
Audio Configuration Stereo 40mm Drivers
Cable Length 1.5m
Volume Control No
Speaker Frequency 20 - 20,000 Hz, 94dB Sensitivty
Mic Frequency 50 - 16,000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity -38dB
Mic Detchable No, Compact Design built into housing
Mic Mute Yes (touch left earcup)
Mic Pick Up Omnidirectional

The lightweight Siberia 150 USB gaming headset features customizable RGB illumination with 16.8 million colors. It offers the most comfortable fit for PC and Mac gaming at an affordable price.

Prism RGB Illumination

Light up your Siberia 150 with illuminated LEDs that can radiate in 16.8 million different colors. Create your own style with various lighting modes through ColorShift and other effects.


Lightweight Design

We created the Siberia 150 to be the lightest headset that we've ever designed. With the soft-leather padding and low-weight, durable plastic, you'll forget that you?re wearing them.

Hear What Matters

Don't get distracted by outside noise. Our enclosed earcup design blocks out any and all background noise so you only hear what you need to win.

Active Soundscape

The Siberia 150 produces a detailed and active soundscape that accurately reproduces audio the way it`s meant to be heard. Everything comes together for full-range, natural-sounding audio with crisp details.

Customizable Audio

With SteelSeries Engine 3, you can customize the audio settings with a 5-band equalizer for a uniquely individual experience. Bump up the highs and mids or increase the lows to find your perfect sound. Or choose among various presets and set specific options for different games and profiles. Simply download SteelSeries Engine 3 and begin customizing.

Onboard Mic

A low-profile microphone is built-in for crisp voice communication. And when it`s time to go silent just tap the button on the left earcup to mute the microphone. It's that easy.

SSE3 Customization

Download SteelSeries Engine 3 for direct control over the illumination and its effects. With this software, you can create custom profiles for every game or application, so specific effects and colors will automatically load at launch. Use built-in CloudSync? technology to backup and retrieve your settings from the cloud.
SteelSeries Engine 3

Incredible features via SteelSeries Engine

Our new software suite is where you take control of the mouse and its many features. This new version of SteelSeries Engine gives users a unified application to control all of their SteelSeries products, offers cross platform support, and will feature a cloud syncing system to make sure you always have your settings.


Can I connect my mobile device to my Siberia 150?
Unfortunately, no, the Siberia 150 cannot connect to mobile devices. The Siberia 150 requires drivers to function correctly.
Is the Siberia 150 compatibile with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
The Siberia 150 is compatible with the PC, Mac, and PS4. The headset is not compatible with the Xbox One.
Is the microphone adjustable on the Siberia 150?
No, the microphone is not adjustable on the Siberia 150.






Headsets Audio Configuration:
Headsets Connection:
1 x USB
Headsets Ear Cup Material:
PU Leather
Headsets Microphone Type:
In-Built Microphone
Headsets Speaker Size:
Headsets Type:
Headsets Volume Control:

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