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Steelseries Siberia 100 Headset

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Short description:
Includes Microphone. PC / Mac / PS4 / Xbox One Elite / Mobile
For devices supporting 4 position 3.5mm connector only
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Connection Type

Single 4 position 3.5mm Connector. Suited for

Audio Configuration/b> Stereo 40mm Drivers
CCable Length 1.2m
Volume Control/b> No
Speaker Frequency 20 - 20,000 Hz, 94dB Sensitivty
Mic Frequency 50 - 16,000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity -38dB
Mic Detchable No, Compact Design built into housing
MMic Mute No
Mic Pick Up/b> OOmnidirectional

The Siberia 100 gaming headset is lightweight with over-ear design and omnidirectional microphone. It offers the most comfortable fit for PC, Mac, and mobile gaming at an affordable price.


Lightweight Design

We created the Siberia 100 to be the lightest headset we've ever designed. With soft-leather padding and low-weight durable plastic, play as long as you want.

Hear What Matters

Don't get distracted by outside noise. Our enclosed earcup design blocks out any and all background noise so you only hear what you need to win.

Padded and Adjustable

Wrapped in a soft-leather padding, the adjustable headband offers amazing comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Modern Style

Sleek colors and contours provide the style you?re looking for, because nobody wants to looks like a helicopter pilot in public.

Active Soundscape

The Siberia 100 produces a detailed and active soundscape that accurately reproduces audio the way it`s meant to be heard. Everything comes together for full-range, natural-sounding audio with crisp details.

Onboard Mic

Built into the left earcup is a low-profile microphone, engineered to deliver detailed and clear audio. Our SteelSeries Mic Auto-Optimization DSP technology automatically adjust the levels based on your voice and background noise.

Multi-platform and Mobile Ready

With the universal connector, the Siberia 100 is always ready whether you are at home or on-the-go.


Can I connect my mobile device to my Siberia 100?
Yes. The Siberia 100 can be connected to mobile devices through the use of the single 4pole 3.5mm jack.
Is the Siberia 100 compatibile with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
Yes. The Xbox One will require either a newer Elite type controller (built in 3.5mm port) or the stereo headset adapter. The headset plugs into the PS4 controller with the single 4pole 3.5mm connection.
Is the microphone adjustable on the Siberia 100?
No, the microphone on the Siberia 100 is not adjustable.
Does the Siberia 100 have SteelSeries Engine 3 support?
The analog headset is not compatible with the Engine software.






Headsets Audio Configuration:
Headsets Connection:
1 x 3.5mm 4 Pole
Headsets Ear Cup Material:
PU Leather
Headsets Microphone Type:
In-Built Microphone
Headsets Speaker Size:
Headsets Type:
Headsets Volume Control:

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